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CU Amiga01/199166,67Amiga87 out of 10087
Mark PattersonEnglish
Amiga Joker02/199142Amiga87 out of 10087
Carsten BorgmeierGerman
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)12/199040PC10 out of 1283
Torsten OppermannGerman
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)05/1991106Amiga10 out of 1283
Michael JordanGerman
Joystick11/1990202PC82 out of 10082
Zero12/199052PC82 out of 10082
Paul LakinEnglish
Amiga Format02/199178Amiga81 out of 10081
Trenton WebbEnglish
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)04/199160Amiga808 out of 10081David UpchurchEnglish
Power Play12/199048PC80 out of 10080
Heinrich Lenhardt, Winfried ForsterGerman
Datormagazin03/199158Amiga8 out of 1080
Lennart NilssonSwedish
Amiga Magazine04/199166,67Amiga80 out of 10080
Power Play04/1991118Amiga80 out of 10080
Heinrich LenhardtGerman
Play Time05/199173Amiga80 out of 10080
Duncan EvansGerman
PC-Spiele '921992188,189PC8 out of 1080
Zzap04/199172Amiga79 out of 10079
Generation 412/1990102Amiga, PC75 out of 10075
Amiga Action04/199198Amiga67 out of 10067
Amiga Power05/1991108Amiga2 out of 633

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