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    Mugen Souls

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Mar 22, 2012

    A PS3-exclusive free-roaming RPG developed by Compile Heart. It is unrelated to MUGEN, the popular open source fighting game engine.

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    Mugen Souls is a free-roaming RPG made by Compile Heart. The story depicts seven worlds living in harmony until Chou-Chou Infinite declares that she'll make all the worlds bow to her. The game also features designs by one of the primary Disgaea artists, Takehito Harada.


    Chou-Chou - The main character of Mugen Souls. She's made plans to take over the seven worlds for every world has their own beauty and she wants them. She holds the title of Undisputed God. As the God she is given the ability of Peon Rebirth which makes anyone that likes, worships, or love her into her own obedient servant. Another ability she is granted is Form Change which allows her to change personality and looks to accustom every situation.

    Ryuto - The first follower of Chou-Chou. Ryuto is a man who dreamed of traveling the worlds in space with his rocket but threw it all away once he caught sight of and fell in love with Chou-Chou. Since then he became Chou-Chou's Vassal and is kept in charge of maintaining the form of the ship.

    Altis - Altis is an angelic girl who was once a demon. As a demon though, she was clumsily helpful to those she was trying to torment. Cursed with such good deeds she was eventually kicked out of hell and forced to be reborn as an angel. Refusing her fate, she currently works on her evil schemes to be reborn once more as a demon.

    Sharuru Cocott - Sharuru was a little girl who was recently chosen to become the demon lord of Tree World. Since she was just until recently, your everyday girl, her abilities are lacking. She has changed her manner of speaking into one more sinister and intimidating. However, it just comes off as cute. She is known to take care of the house where she lives with Welsh.

    Welsh Cocott - The younger sister of Sharuru. She trains with her older sister everyday to become a respectable hero one day.

    Shirogane - Shirogane is the fogey demon lord of Moon World. He was heavily respected as manly and trustworthy amongst many residents of Moon World. Despite his usual demeanor, people who first meet him often judge him as a strict, mean old man. He never actually commit any evil deeds. This all changed when he met Tsukika. Whenever they meet she proceeds to beat the crap out of him and since then he has been lurking around Moon World in fear,

    Tsukika Izayoi - She is the young woman who has been chosen as the hero of Moon World. She works as a shrine maiden and has a very shy personality. Her shyness causes her not to act as often as a hero should and as such no one knows of her as their hero. Beneath her tiny frame though, lies incredible power that is rumored to be able to life mountains. She secretly respects Shirogane but becomes so flustered and nervous upon meeting him that which usually ends with Shirogane's ass getting handed to him leading to his defeat.

    Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia will be making a cameo appearance alongside Leonhardt from Record of Agarest War and Hiro from Spectral Souls as DLC.

    Chou-Chou Forms

    Chou-Chou has the ability to shapeshift into a wide variety of different forms to give herself different abilities in battle. Her true form is known as "Chou-Chou Infinite", but she also has access to many others. Her different forms play a key role when moe killing enemies, as the chance of success increases a lot when Chou-Chou has the same affinity as the enemy.

    Ditz - Selecting Ditz changes her into a blonde with a white beret and dress. She becomes an amazingly cheerful person who may fall under any whims possible. As a free spirit, she may help travelers cheer up or even heal injuries.

    Sadist - Her outfit changes to match that of a dominatrix and her body develops into a grown woman. This is one of her most adult forms and her speech is filled with much innuendo. She enjoys sweet food but has a great dislike for spicy food.

    Ego - Chou-Chou's default form. This form has Chou being egotistical of her own strengths.

    Masochist - Chou-Chou's form of a masochist, featuring short blue hair and a fragile appearance.

    Bipolar - Selecting this changes her into a brunette with pigtails, wearing black bows and a black dress. She is rarely sweet to people but may be kind to children as well as straightfoward people. Her emotions are at an unstable state of mind as she easily gets pouty and upset when she is ignored.

    Graceful - Chou-Chou's classy form for when it is requires for her to have manners. This form has a long, black ponytail and a held-back behaviour.

    Hyper - Her energetic and cheerful form. She has green pigtails.

    Terse - Chou-Chou's Terse form changes her into a woman of few words. She has violet shaded hair complemented by a dark purple gothic lolita outfit. In this form Chou-Chou doesn't speak much but will listen to others for hours on end. When she does speak, it is often cold and picks at weak points much to her companions dissatisfaction.


    There are points where Chou-Chou is peoning continents by arriving at "Master Points". Master Points have a different event depending on the symbol.

    Moe-Kill - Moe-Kill is Chou-Chou's ability to turn the master point into her peon. It is symbolized by a heart with an arrow through it. By changing her form to match the hint provided she can win the heart of the Master Point and turn it into an item. However the Moe Kill may fail even if Chou-Chou gets the hint correct but lacks the charm levels.

    KO Count - KO Count is the point depicted by a sword. The success for this point depends on how many enemies you need to defeat. Try to pinpoint the correct amount and kill that many enemies.

    Money - Money is depicted by the gold coins. This point asks Chou of money. Guess how much they want from the Peon Hint provided.

    Failure in any of the above will result in a battle.

    Battles are turn-based, where the order if found on the top of the screen.

    Your options of attack are

    • Attack- Normal command attack
    • Skill- Various techniques dependent on the character.
    • Item- Use of an item
    • Retreat- Run from a battle
    • Defend- Block incoming atttacks
    • Switch- Replace a character with another one.

    There are also linked attacks present in the game which come with ridiculous effects such as rolling in with tanks or spinning on a death machine. To activate a linked attack, you would need two or more characters on the field. In addition the characters would have to be in range of each other.

    Field: The field is where you can run around and explore the area. Within it are several enemies you can choose to avoid or fight. Some enemies are stronger than others and in greater quantity.


    There are seven planets that the main character travels between. Each with unique environments.

    Sun World

    Moon World

    Fire World

    Water World

    Tree World

    Metal World

    Soil World


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