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    Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 04, 1992

    The official boxing game for Muhammad Ali. It was released on the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy.

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    Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing was released in 1992, most copies of the game came with a trading card of Ali. This game allows 3D movement around the ring.

    There are two basic modes: exhibition and tournament. Tournament has the player start from rank 10 and move to the top. There is a password system to save progress. There are basic options such as changing how many knockdowns are required for a TKO and how long rounds are.


    There are two control styles. There is arcade style, where it is simplified to light punch and heavy punch. There is also simulation style, which allows players to input exactly which punch they want to throw. This is controlled by holding down the A button for the left hand and C button for the right hand, then the directional pad to throw a punch.

    There are two meters on the screen that controls a punch's speed and power. This game is purely based on the player boxer's stamina. If they throw too many punches, their bars will get low and they will be able to be knocked out. There is damage to each boxer shown between rounds.


    Muhammad Ali was the only licensed boxer in the game. The other 9 boxers in the game are generic. Each one has a certain defense style and a made up background.

    Rank 1: Muhammad "The Greatest" Ali:

    "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Here is Ali in his best form. Defense: Duck and Sway

    Rank 2: Bart "Let's Rumble" Rambler- "

    Most noted for his push-away block & his spaghetti diet, here is how Bart wins. Defense: Push-away block."

    Rank 3: "Ironhead" Mac Robinson- "

    Duck & sway. Duck & sway. Quick all around. This is how Mac wins his fights. Defense: Duck & Sway.

    Rank 4: Tommy "The Fist" Hammer- "

    Tommy uses his long arm to block and check the distance to his opponent's face. Defense: Long arm check."

    Rank 5: "Jumpin" Jack Blake- "

    Jack's unique horizontal blocking style makes it difficult to punch his body. Defense: Horizontal block."

    Rank 6: Marvin "Mauler" Cooper-

    "Marvin Cooper, an Olympic boxer from USA, shows us his tough fighting style. Defense: Duck & block.

    Rank 7: Kim "The Dragon" Lee-

    "From Vietnam, Kim Lee is quick and tough. Here is how he won his last fight. Defense: Arm-distance

    Rank 8: Eddie "The Masher" Montague-

    "From Washington D.C., Eddie Montague shows us what he's made of during this fight. Defense: Level-arm vice.

    Rank 9: Carlos "Animal" Espinoza-

    "Carlos Espinoza is a mighty fighter from Argentina. Here he is at his best. Defense: Duck & block."

    Rank 10: Bruno "The Beast" Franko-

    "Strong Italian bloodlines prove effective as we watch Bruno Franko fight to win. Defense: Horizontal push."


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