32Play Cabaret! 1 - New MOBA blog series with added salty videos.

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Okay disclaimer time:

I have only been playing League and Dota for just over a month. I am not very good. This is the story of me trying to get better with the help of two friends. Please cringe and applaud at the appropriate times. Be prepared for salt and whining about secret shops and Blitzcrank. Don't take things too seriously and enjoy watching me squirm.

Steam ID is Jazz and my LoL ID is JazzGB or Ahriman Efreet

Gunslingerpanda's Twitch Stream - link

Lolking link to my profile - link

Dota2 profile on DOTABuff - link

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Welcome to the show that never ends.

Following on from my previous blog series 'Learning by Comparison' this series will be about free to play games - League, Dota2 and Warframe in particular. We will discuss other games..probably..but those will be our focus. At the moment there is a heavy focus on League mostly because of patch/new champion and we all play it but I'm hoping to slowly introduce more Dota, eventually.

Introducing the team:

Clueless Master of Ceremonies: Jazz aka Jaspar

Effervescent Bouncer: Gunslingerpanda aka Adam

Long suffering Bartender: TBK aka Chris

So what's the set up this time? Well every week or so we will be recording a podcast followed by a couple of group videos. It takes me a while to upload given my 150kbs up speed and the videos are roughly 4 gigs each after encoding them. So I'll try my best but we may lose a couple here and there.

Cabcast Episode 2: Salt, Salt everywhere

Cabcast is filmed in front of a live studio audience...of cats...and dogs.

You can download the mp3 version here (with added theme!!!). I've ordered a new mic (as the last new mic didn't help) so hopefully that will be a massive improvement next time, sorry about that. Again, first world problems.

If you want to send us emails the address is cabcast@mail.com and we'll try and answer your questions in the next podcast.

In this episode:

Chris breaks down the new League 4.14 patch and Gnar discussion (with cats)

Chris goes through my Lissandra game on the stream and points out where I went wrong..I probably get a bit salty.

Dota talk is limited. I talk about Crystal Maiden and my first Dota game for a while.

Warframe patch and NEW USER EXPERIENCE talk..what is Warframe anyway?

Somehow wrestling slips its way in to the conversation as well as some vita discussion.

32Play Videos

Following on from our podcast we jumped online and recorded some games...fair warning I'm not a good player and I will make tons of mistakes but I try to learn from them.

Do you even Dota..2?

That was hardly our defining moment. None of us really play Dota a lot and it shows..but you asked for Dota so we tried..for you. Viper didn't appreciate that though...and Wraith King has the misfortune of being caught in the middle.

Learning League

After my love of Lissandra and Morgana, I'm rather fond of ol' Fishyface Nami. I think this was the 5th time I've played her and as such I still have a LOT to learn. Muscle memory on her E before bubbling so I could actually hit the damn thing would be good..but you live (or die) and you learn. Also Nunu does not like Gnar. Must be jealous of his boomerang.

Path of the Tenno

Adam kindly agreed to cover the Warframe part of this blog. I do have a group video but it doesn't seem to want to upload at the moment. Here Adam goes over his first week (and a bit) of Warframe and gives an overview of what Warframe is all about.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the show. Please leave suggestions and comments below.

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#1 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5263 posts) -

Yeah, that Dota 2 game was pretty rough. We were pretty out of practice. Oh well.

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Just watched the Dota match. I like watching people learn Dota, somehow it makes me reflect on my own game, and it's pretty entertaining too ;)

I don't think you needed to max the aura that early in that game. More mana is always welcomed, but you had 3 rightclickers so I would start with Frostbite or Frost Nova for some brazen lane harassment. Lich, however, is never fun to lane against. Sadly, the opponents snowballed pretty hard after early game and your carries (as mentioned in the video) didn't get enough farm.

But you're doing quite well so far. Keep it up and you're a pro in no time ;)

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#3 Edited by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@christoffer: Thanks for watching the video. We did have some problems with the carries and thanks for pointing out that I need to keep in mind what the other players have in the way of abilities.

At least it wasn't Bane..that would have just made Adam and I cry. I've got another Crystal Maiden video to upload in the near future..

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#4 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

Welp... dunno been a long time since I had DotA.

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#5 Posted by TobbRobb (6583 posts) -

Ohey, seems I'm back just in time for a whole new format. Keep on keeping on, duders.

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