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Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

Okay disclaimer time:

If you want deep comparisons, you'll not find them here.

If you want anything but my own personal opinions, you'll not find it here.

If you want to be a dick..that's up to you, but it would be pointless.

I have a terrible sense of humour, you have been warned.

Steam ID is Jazz and my LoL ID is JazzGB or Ahriman Efreet

Gunslingerpanda's Twitch Stream - link

Lolking link to my profile - link

Dota2 profile on DOTABuff - link

Week 1 can be found here

Week 2 can be found here

Week 3 can be found here

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We're coming up on the end of the first month of this madness..and beyond all reason I'm still doing this. I should see a therapist.

Quick Notes:

  • I've made some back room deals and talked to odd little people with lots of rolexs in their coats and I might..just might..be getting a new PC in the very near future - my plan is to be able to run things above 20fps and actually be able to stream once in a while. Fingers crossed.
  • It's not until I'd played a bit of these games that I realised, but the size of my screen also causes issues - it's 15" I think and having to scroll with the mouse has lead to my death a couple of times..not as much as me being an idiot though.
  • I said I'd make a decision as to which game to concentrate on (I'll still play the other, just not as regularly) at the end of this week. I think it's safe to say that unless things change greatly (and there's an upsurge of related content on the site) it's probably going to be League. That may change though.
  • On a totally unrelated note - I saw the BBC4 documentary about Prince yesterday. When Doves Cry still continues to blow my mind every time I hear it. IT HAS NO BASS.
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aka - 'god, I'm a terrible terrible person..and I fucking hate this game' - me

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First off I want to straight up apologise to Panda for having to listen to me rage at a Crystal Maiden player yesterday - which brings me to my first point.

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  • Starting with Dota2 I played a match with Panda while I was dealing with a ton of issues in the house at the same time (3 hours of chasing cats followed). I've mentioned this before but Mobas are not stress relieving games and if you're already having a bad day solo queue is probably going to make it worse.
  • In all fairness to the CM player, I was playing poorly and making bad decisions - I just assumed they would play the same way I did as CM(freeze the intitated bad guy and let the carry wail before retreating) but no..no it was aa all the way and I didn't adapt to that..leading to me giving the other team first blood by being careless and screaming at the screen. I didn't trust myself to type anything...which was lucky.
  • I don't want to be that guy, Panda didn't want to listen to that guy so..yeah, sorry.
  • I think we won that match eventually with Panda PL'ing them to kingdom come.
  • On the flipside the three following matches I solo queued were relaxing, even at one point my team were like 'oh we're all noobs and make mistakes, lets just do our best.' Now that's the right frame of mind.
  • Suiciding Pudge is the best kind of Pudge.
  • Mass disconnects by the opposing team - doesn't that put you in the long queue? Never really understood the point. Just take your beating.
  • Riki lol.
  • So the moral of the story - don't be that guy. It's not worth it.
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  • On the other side of the universe - I'm completely different in League. I find it hilarious when stuff in League goes completely batshit insane wrong. It doesn't annoy me at all.
  • Case in point - of the 3 matches I played, we only won one and surrendered the rest (I really hate the idea of surrendering...it may save time but learning how to deal with overwhelming odds is helpful).
  • Blitzcrank is a dick of the highest magnitude. Last hitting and yanking people..dude come on now.
  • We had a Garren building ranged weapons.
  • We had a Katarina stacking attack speed.
  • We had me not stacking AD..until I got told off by tbk.
  • I had a tri lane against my Tris and I held them all..even with the odd Garren jumping out of the bush. A WILD GARREN APPEARS!
  • Russians are everywhere..EVERYWHERE.
  • Fizz makes everything better.
  • I really like Tristana - she has moxie and can just rocket jump to safety. Her damage output with the infinity edge is ridonculous. I was able to stand my ground against a Malphite and a werewolf dude.

So the start of another week. I should play some more Smite at some point. Really excited about playing League and Dota at..gasp..30fps potentially more..perhaps..50? No, that's pushing it.


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aka: 'Wait...where's Teemo?'- me

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Quick notes:

  • back on the 'Fuck Steam' brigade. It won't even start up now so...probably not going to bother much till the..
  • New computer has been ordered - £650 GTX 750ti 2048, 8gb ram, i5-4440 3.10ghz, 2tb seagate barrabarrabarracuda. It's being pre-built because I just don't need that hassle at the moment - I'm a wuss, I know. Should be here on 7th. 30+ FPS confirmed. woooo.
  • I haven't posted a single youtube video in two weeks..this has completely taken over.
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  • As with most game I had some good games and had some bad games. I had a really good game playing support Morgana, kept my carry (Tris) alive and we pushed Fiddlesticks and Garen back like a goddamn railroad.
  • That was followed by one of the worst Blitzcranks I have ever seen and everybody whining about the usual..while not warding or pinging.
  • Then Teemo arrived...there's a reason everyone hates that guy..those invisible shrooms and his attack speed..that shit is insane.
  • Next game was the dance of death between two Morganas. The rest of the team (Dr Mundo 'Ugh I should have been carry - I don't know what you're doing..*looks at cs - 95 and I have 256 while trading with my exact opposite build in mid who had 134 and getting ganked because..well the usual* I'm sorry, what now?) were completely all over the place and Urgot just d/c'd.
  • Played another game with Tris and had Avinia? decide to bottom lane with me 'You know you're support right Avi? 'No' 'I'm...I'm Tris..and I called ADC...I don't....what?'
  • Forumite tbk joined me for a normal game to help me with my last hitting under turrets while he kept me alive as Nami. My framerate just..really makes shit difficult and there was quite a bit of a step up from the other team..not so much on ours but eh..
  • We then spent some time doing an overview of assassins in the game and ended up deciding to pick Akali to learn how to play assassins.
  • She has some nice abilities and the shroud/q/r abilities were cool. I need to put more time into her.
  • Totally want to play some Soraka top now. She's been nerfed but the trollin at low levels...priceless.

Final notes:

  • all the help recieved from Panda and tbk has probably sped my learning on beyond most people at my level, and that is great and also super frustrating.
  • team games need teams. Normal is great to try stuff out and mess around but the pace of a well oiled team machine is far more exciting.
  • It's probably due to them being behind paywalls and thus I rarely see them, but there are so many League characters that interest me. You just don't see Jayce or Lissandra or Elise..ever. Could be because they aren't viable but when playing normal games who gives a fuck about that? ADC Soraka..do it.
  • fuck the shrooms..seriously.

So the countdown to 30+fps begins..oh the excitement. I won't have any excuses left..oo err..Thanks for joining me as always.


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aka 'But that Baron, amirite? Let's just remember that' - me or 'that last 30 mins was one of the saddest things I've ever seen' - tbk or 'You sound like you've been playing this for 3 years already...we've spoiled you' -tbk

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quick notes:

  • I'm beginning to think my pets are trolling me..waking me up 3 times a night.
  • New rotation of champions for this week in League
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  • Super excited about Lucian, MF, Orianna and Elise.
  • I'll be picking up Lissandra in the sale..can never say no to Ice people.
  • Still steam does not wish to work so no Dota..sorry.
  • Previews of new League champion 'Gnar' are surficing..it's a wereteemo..I'm calling it.
  • In a recent red post Lyte discussed toxicity and how they are meaning to deal with it - in my personal expereince I haven't had too much of a problem on my end but see it occassionally (mostly in french oddly enough) happen to other. I rather worry that by trying to organise a team to actually do something together I may come off a bit sharp, which brings me to:
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  • I was very tempted to just put the date, time played and a message saying 'I don't want to talk about it' but thinking it over there's a lot I learned from my 4 hour journey to low elo hell and I think I will share a bit.
  • First off - it's become obvious that low level games are not about teamwork as there generally is bugger all. If you concentrate on your own lane while keeping an eye for ganking ops, you'll probably be less frustrated in the end..that's assuming you're not the only one pinging and warding. If you are then you're fucked.
  • Secondly people will generally not listen to whatever you have to say - probably because they a) don't understand, b) think they know what they're doing, c) have turned off chat or d) are just trolling. I spent a large amount of time trying to co-ordinate teams to only have Blitzcrank (if I ever get the chance I'm banning Blitzcrank from MY team let alone the other one) decide to just do his own thing at the end of a push..on a different lane.
  • Sidenote - tbk asked me why I stood around so much doing nothing..well I was typing, a lot.
  • I'll give you the cliff notes on my afternoon and evening:
  • Tris adc - Morgana with me, she ks'd and cs'd like a pro even after I asked her not to.
  • Again Tris adc with the same top lane - Nasus decided he liked my creeps and aa'd them for 20 mins without using Q.
  • Morgana support with..Skarner adc? Skarner thinks it's team deathmatch and ignores the creeps to attack the other team over and over again.
  • The amount of times our team wanted to surrender but we ended up winning? 80%
  • Morgana again (no one but Blitz plays support and I refuse to play with a blitz ever again) with Ashe adc. She can't last hit..at all. Ziggs and Katarina argue over mid and I had to watch Katarina suicide a bunch of times while whining about other people.
  • Then came the worst game I have ever been a part of - I played Ahri mid..badly by the way, against a Brand who luckily couldn't stun. We had jungling Yi who..didn't know what he was doing really. Jinx and..Blitz bottom lane and someone top lane. Oh wait no we didn't he d/c'd.
  • 60 minutes of pain. Complete inability to co-ordinate despite my attempts..and that's all they were really..attempts. No real team organisation and just..it was depressing rather than funny.
  • What was funny was the other team wailing at Baron for about 2 minutes before we came in,stole it and killed them all but two...before everyone else decided pushing the lanes wasn't necessary and then running back to base, leaving me to be ganked at the last minute. *cue me banging my head against the table*.
  • I finally got them to push bottom as we had taken the inhibitor down there between myself and Yi and the two inner towers...Blitz decided to push top where it was still tower before the inhibitor and they all rushed up there to help..it was mind boggling.
  • The fact that I was in the winning team 80% of the time despite the complete and utter chaos of my team says a lot about the people we were playing. If they had any co-ordination they would have kicked us to death within 15 mins.

So what did I learn:

  • tbk put it best when he said 'Panda and I have spoiled you' they really had.
  • Concentrate on impoving yourself rather than worrying about the other members of the team - winning/losing in normal doesn't matter as long as you get better.
  • or to put it another way, 'don't fuckin bother..it's a lost cause'
  • In my own time I played some botmatches with Soraka and Akali. Soraka top is almost possibly viable - the nerfs hit it hard I think but it's hilarious whiping out creep waves and silencing the other side then tanking them. Akali..well..I need to work on her, I was up against a Sivir bot who wrecked me..leading me to pick up Sivir and having some fun. Low IP champions are great impulse purchases...especially when you make enough in a day to buy them.
  • New patch on 30th - apparently it's changing 40ish champions. Sion confirmed as top tier with Yorrick. This will be my first patch - It'll be interesting to see if I recognise the changes and if I'm as negative about them as most people will inevitably be.
  • Despite all the above, I still want to play the game..I still want to get better. I think that says a lot.

So the storm continues..the days are counting down till 30+ fps and the ability to actually type this thing without key lag. I'm going to try and do something special for the end of the first month..just some *waves hands around* plans but we'll see.

Thanks for sticking with me.


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aka: 'No..not again..let me out...LET ME OUT' me on seeing the same Blitzu player 3 times in a row in solo queue.

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Quick notes:

  • Patch is up for 4.13 - link to patch notes. I'll come back to those in a bit.
  • A week and a day till 30+fps..woot. Wifi dongle thing arrived..excitement growing.
  • Dominion is a really weird TV show. Who knew they'd do a sequel to the movie Legion..and what is it with Angels and Romans? Watching Anthony 'Giles' Head chew through scenery like butter is rather entertaining though.
  • Deception IV is a weird puzzle game...like tower defence but you're the tower. It's been a while since I played the PSX games.
  • BREAKING NEWS - SMT4 coming out on 3ds download only in Sept for..gasp..£17.99 or 20 Euros. Holy shit. Finally...and that price.
  • Trying to get that free Alistair skin and champion but it seems that youtube promo is borked. Sent off a ticket and they're on it...which is nice.
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  • So as I metioned yesterday I was excited to play some Lucian and pick up Lissandra..both of which I ended up doing.
  • I really liked (notice tentative past tense) Lucian. Once I realised that his E resets his auto attack (you see where I'm going here?) and that you can stack AD like no one's business on him he just turned into a position based monster flying around the place like a Platinum games character....and then I read the patch notes this morning. Now, I'm okay with them removing the slow escape mechanism but pumping up the cooldown is not something I'd have done..it seriously effects his damage output. An extra 4 seconds cd is a massive nerf. It's not like he's a tank either..so I'm not too happy about that change. Guess that answers my question of yesterday as to whether I would see the changes in a particular light.
  • I also played around (heh) with Lissandra and first up I love her movement animation with the iceflow on the ground. She's another one that's all about positioning and seems to be a very powerful character if you choose your shots for best effect. She even got some minor buffs in the patch with a Q cd reduction and R slow boost. Her W took an AP hit but that's mostly for trapping and clearing minion waves afaik. Anyway she's fun and I'm glad I picked her up.
  • As for my actual games I played yesterday..if I told you they were pretty much the same as yesterday down to the same fucking Blitzu (tbk- 'He's helping' me - 'Yeah the other fucking team') 3 times in a row..then you'd probably get the idea. Highlights include:
  • A Spanish Fiora who decided split pushing was 2-2 and bitched about me feeding Yi as TF (again..no support is no support)
  • Out of interest has anyone seen Bane and Blitzu in the same room..is it actually Bane underneath all that metal?
  • A team of level 10s decides to try and take Baron despite being told that it's not going to happen..especially with their builds.
  • Morgana support turning into Morgana AP because nobody knows how to play ADC properly..let alone last hit minions.
  • Master Yi continues to pub stomp purely because everyone runs away from him and they don't bother to stun and converge..too busy running, leaving me to die..again.
  • Maybe I should start running.
  • Spent some time in a co-op vs with tbk. I just wanted to play Akali and work on last hitting while he jungled with Elise. Alas I had Susan AND Shen join me in top lane for some top bot trolling. At the very least (despite my framerate issues and weird ping going up from 40 to 400 for no reason) I finally understood last hitting under towers with melee minions (two tower hits and then hit) and starting to grasp the others. So not wasted time.

Final thoughts:

  • sorry..super hype for SMT4 and that price. I still have to finish DDS2.
  • I'm going to completely stop worrying about other players and actually winning any of these low level games and just concentrate on my lane..I know I said that before but it's kind of difficult to do in a team game but I think I'm going to have to stick with it.
  • I swear to god..if I see that fucking Blitz player again I'm going to hack League and delete the character for good. It'll take years of me learning how to hack but it'll be worth it. It'll probably turn out to be a 12 year old girl from Versailles or something but I DON'T CARE.
  • I did actually ask the question at one point that if I kept being matched with this lunatic does that mean I'm seen as being as crap as they are..which depressed me immensely.
  • I didn't mention it above but..LUX BUFF YAY. Have I mentioned that I'm intentionally leaving Lux till I've got every other champion as a reward for my ridiculous amounts of grinding?
  • If you have any thoughts on the patch notes that I, in my meagre play time, would not notice or understand..please leave below. Oh and the item nerfs suck too..just putting that out there.
  • Called it on the Gnarl reveal.

Thanks for reading


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aka - 'Are all Master Yi players as whiney as him?' - me

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Quick notes:

  • It's my Father's 75th Birthday today..
  • A week to go till the new computer arrives. Thinking I should have got an ssd to record onto but couldn't afford it at the moment. Upgrading is great.
  • Steam really doesn't like me..I'm beginning to think it's personal.
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  • So I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon (still no job, sigh) just trying out the free rotation champions and Alistair, who League were kind enough to put on my account after the youtube thing didn't work. TLDR:
  • Miss Fortune: Weird Weird Werid AA..love her movement speed buff but I wasn't really feeling it. I tried quick cast (switched in the options) with her and I both love it and hate it..I wish it would allow me to set Space + Q or whatever as my quick cast buttons, I broke my left wrist as a kid and I've had problems using my little finger for some reason ever since..screwed up my guitar playing no end. Anyway I like her abilities but she's just..I dunno..boring to me.
  • Elise - I hate spiders.
  • Orianna - At first I didn't think I'd like her. Her Glados voice and clockwerk jerkiness is offputing, but once I got the hang of her ball of doom and understood her passive buffs her AA she was kinda fun.
  • I've mentioned that post patch Lucian is a minor disappointment to me but I'll adapt..he's still a beast once he gets going. Gotta hit those passives to drop the cooldown.
  • Alistair - Well..he can take a punch, a rocket and a nuke can't he? I've mentioned that I'm not a fan of melee characters..I'm a wuss remember? But his stun is..fun and the heal when AP stacked is just..silly. The Stun bomp (Q,W) is hilarious.
  • I'll quickly mention my first game of the night - I played support Morgana to a Master Yi who demanded to be adc..usual nonsense. The kid (and he certainly was one) complained that I didn't attack after he got taken out by three guys at once, despite the fact that I'd stunned one, shielded him and then Ult'd in the space of 2 seconds after he decided to dive. After that he wanted to know why I didn't pop my heal when he dived 3 v 1..to which I replied I don't support assisted suicide. He then went on to complain about how no one else was getting kills but him (all of which I essentially gave him..and I told him so, which probably didn't help but fuck Master Yi players) and then he went on to whine..leading to everyone to tell him to shut up and please try and learn from his mistakes. Why is this important? Well apart from complaining about Master Yi players it also happened to be the first time I managed ye olde Ult-Zonya Kill with about 20hp left against a Fiora. It was also the most toxic game I've played in - the team just wouldn't work together and bickered mostly due to this Master Yi player..which was a shame.

Now let's talk about Lissandra:

I chose this because it's not only impressive cosplay but hilarious..how does she move, a trolley? Alas the guy behind her was not impressed in the slightest. He's more of a Taric fan.
I chose this because it's not only impressive cosplay but hilarious..how does she move, a trolley? Alas the guy behind her was not impressed in the slightest. He's more of a Taric fan.

  • I am completely enamoured with Lissandra. This became clear to me during the last two games yesterday evening.
  • Her poke game with Q is ridiculous - not only does it slow the first hit but the shatter effect deals the same amount of damage in a small cone behind the first and nobody in the low elo expects that at first..bwhahahaha.
  • Her W not only clears waves when it's buffed a bit, it's a great initiator or escape mechanism. Team fights become so much easier when you've got the W.
  • Her E is the most beautiful, sublime, exquisite thing in the game..need to close the distance, deal damage to creeps and then gank someone? I can do that in one press of E. Low on life and running from 3 people who are gaining? I'll just E over this wall thank you sir. E all day and every day..thank you. E's are good E's are good she's Ebenezer Good. *get's out glow sticks*
  • Her passive gives you a free cast every 18 seconds. If you time it right you can clear a wave without using any mana.
  • Her R...oh lord. Gonna die and your team are just out of range? Self cast - damage and slow the other team while having your own free Zonya, then pop your actual Zonya, they all die to your team. Team fight and the adc is hurting your side - drop and R on them, clear any creeps - slow the rest of their team and wipe out their ADC. Tis a beautiful thing.
  • The amount of times in those two games where I dropped in like the wrath of god on the other team during a team fight..or when things went bad and I managed to get away with 20 hp due to my E..that's why I play League..right there.
  • Even in support it was great fun poking - sure it wouldn't work at high level play but low elo it was super effective.
  • It also helped that in those last games I was playing with people who knew what they were doing and were good at it..they would ping (occasionally) mark targets (most of the time)...but not ward so much. I spend a vast amount of time warding my lanes and it's saved me more than once.
  • So until they inevitably ruin Lissandra by nerfing everything and taking away her Q poke...she bitch slaps Lux to the ground and becomes my favourite champion. Time will tell if she scales into higher level games as I play her though.
  • Oh and did I mention she's pretty darn tanky too? Shit was just bouncing off me. Lux's Ult barely scratched after level 8.

So final thoughts:

  • I really have a thing for women who chuck ice around, huh?
  • It's nice to have something positive to say about team mates for once, it really makes the whole game so much more fun whether you win or not.
  • I would put a David Caruso meme in here but..I'm classier than that.

Thanks for reading.


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aka 'Who didn't surrender?' Random guy 'Me! cause I has much pew pew' - me.

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Quick notes:

  • Rain and lag are the order of the last two days..muchos of both.
  • Less than a week to go...now I'm nervous it won't live up to the hype but 30+fps is a pretty big leap.
  • Lowest FPS today? 12.
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  • I played only one game yesterday...but it was a glorious game. Of heroes and villians, of seiges and despair, of mid or I feed.
  • Our team had me as Liss in mid, Nunu and Ryze bot, Yi top and a DC.
  • Other sider were Katarina mid, Yi jungle, Darius, Janna and Caitlyn in their respective places.
  • Katarina did a good job zoning me..alas I overpowered her with the pokes eventually.
  • Ryze just went all in..he was something like 30/4/10 at the end of the match.
  • T'was a great game.
  • This afternoon I played solo q to get enough IP to pick up Evelyn for later interest in the jungling sector..I hear prices have risen and so investment may be a bit behind but they've made through the depression and house prices as stable.
  • I have no idea what I just wrote
  • I then played a couple of games with Panda..like in the old days eh? We had some really weird games. First one we just rolled right over them, second game we got run over and third we nearly got curb stomped and then they surrendered.
  • Weird games my friends...also someone fed Sivir..and it wasn't me. Honest.
  • I'm getting more comfortable playing support Morgana, though it would be nice if people didn't dive for no goddamn reason and then expect me to save them with my magic laser powers...which I don't have by the way.
  • Last game was embarrasing because I didn't have a warding trinket and varus kept telling me to put wards down..kind of left him to it for the lols.
  • Level 30s are just as bad as level 10s in some regards..they have no idea what they're doing nor do they ping when they should.
  • Tempted to ranked solo q once I get my upgrade.

aaaand that's all for this week folks. 8 more days till the end of the first actual month of playing is up. Crazy.

Thanks for sticking with me and see you in the comments/next blog.

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#1 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5263 posts) -

Dat suicide Pudge doe.

Also for what it's worth I had a pretty ragey game now. Had a Skywrath Mage talking smack to me over voice until I turned my own voice on and told him I'd "stab your face with my dick." Oddly enough, he didn't talk for a good long while after that; I guess the way to deal with the toxic is to give as good as you get? Everyone's a big mouth until you call them on it. Dota is the ultimate rage game!

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#2 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: I actually had a guy raging over another suicide pudge not long after our game..I told him it was the way to play but he was like 'FUCK YOU PUDGE'..shame our Pudge ended up d/cing. He was a ledge.

Doom bots are evil..so very very evil. Doomy.

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#3 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

@jazz: I wonder how long you'll keep this up. Are you officially hooked?

Standard procedure when I solo queue in Dota 2 is to turn off the chat and turn voice volume to zero. Worst I have to deal with is numerous pings on the map. You can still see "missing" messages and such which is nice. Playing Dota 2 alone has become a much more pleasant experience since I started doing that.

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#4 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@galiant: Well I've somehow talked myself into upgrading my laptop into a desktop so that I can keep playing, so..yeah I guess? Also helps that this thing is on it's very last legs and can barely cope with either League or Dota.

I'll keep going with the blog for as long as I enjoy it and people take an interest.

Muting is an option, indeed.

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#5 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

Garren is a good champ to learn on, I still love that guy. No bush is safe. Building ranged items on him...well that's a thing you can do. I guess.

Tristana is awesome, her range increases with level so by late game she's tearing through the team. She's been getting a lot of love in the pro scene recently cause of how good she is right now. And her Rocket Girl skin is rad. Im kinda with you too re. surrendering. If you're getting absolutely hammered I can see it but coming back from being behind when your team wants to surrender is a great feeling. I've had a few games where we got a disconnect on our team and instead of surrendering we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Those 4v5 wins feel the best.

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#6 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: Last game I played we had 4 v 5..it looked like we were losing (I was supp Morgana and I had an Annie who couldn't do, well anything unfortunately) and then TIBBERS!!!!!! and I started going with damage once she d/c..we also had a hyper violent Jax who I assume had metal arms and stuff. It was good times.

and then there was a Regnar Annie bot..holy freaking christ on a stick.

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#7 Edited by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

Wait, "When Doves Cry" doesn't have bass. That reminds me of the moment I learned that "Solsbury Hill" was in 7/4 time.

edit: Man I can't believe how auto-correct can bork short, simple posts. Stealth fixing up.

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#8 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@jazz: Jax is one of those champions that, if he doesn't get shut down hard early, will roll over an entire team come late game. Hell, even if he gets shut down, there's still a good chance he'll kill everybody. He's a monster. Rengar/Annie sounds real fun, all that stun and cc an Rengar flying out of bushes. Rengar is a fun champ to play I love his design and kit. I kinda miss the insanity of early League. Anything goes, anywhere, an some of it's awesome.

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#9 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@extomar: Was there supposed to be a question mark after bass? Yeah, it really doesn't...but you can hear the implied notes in your head. It's a work of art..seriously. Actually most of that Purple Rain album is truely a wonder to behold.

Solsbury Hill is indeed 7/4 time..such a weird time signature but effective. ..must resist urge to put some Yes in reply...

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#10 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: Exactly..stun followed by 'RAWR' out of nowhere..it was hilarious.

Hold one, here's pretty much what happened:

Loading Video...

That's what happened pretty much. Dying to that is hilarious...I couldn't stop laughing most of the time.

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#11 Edited by YI_Orange (1354 posts) -

@jazz: I get way more salty about league than you do but you're describing something that puts league ahead of Dota for me. Sometimes crazy shit happens and everyone is just left mouth agape. It might happen on Dota but the time I spent with it I didn't see it.

Avatar image for jazz
#12 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@yi_orange: So much this. No flaming teddie bears from space, no sharks, no crazy stuff out of nowhere..and no fucking Teemos either. Guess Dota does somethings right.

Avatar image for yi_orange
#13 Posted by YI_Orange (1354 posts) -

@jazz: Teemo is the Fucking worst. Teemo is also the best. (For real though his skins are fantastic)

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#14 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -
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#15 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@jazz: That's hilarious. I wanna try that now. Also reminds me how great it is to not have to buy the Bonetooth Necklace now. Also Teemo is the worst. And also the best. But mainly the worst. At least in the other three maps you can buy a Lightbringer to shut his ass down.

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#16 Edited by Slag (8157 posts) -

@jazz said:

We're coming up on the end of the first month of this madness..and beyond all reason I'm still doing this. I should see a therapist.

You know you are never getting out of MOBAs now right? You're hooked man with the rest of us!

You'll be doing this the rest of your gaming life

No Caption Provided

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#17 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

Cottontail Teemo best Teemo.

I think it will be Teemo time soon (tm).

That or best Taric skin.

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#18 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -


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#19 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@tbk said:

Cottontail Teemo best Teemo.

I think it will be Teemo time soon (tm).

That or best Taric skin.

By best Taric skin you mean Fifth Age Taric right? That is the only Taric skin worth playing. Truly Outrageous.

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#20 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5263 posts) -

Fabulous Taric is only Taric.

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#21 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -
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#22 Posted by deactivated-58ca104190dca (324 posts) -

Congrats on ordering that new pc, that 750ti will easily run Dota/LoL, did you order an operating system with it?

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#23 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@tbk: Exactly.

I just plaid adc for the first time in forever. Ran over some fools with Twitch. I love that champ. I think I've played so many arams my elo or mr or whatever you call it has decayed to the point where I'm getting matched with low Bronze. Had a Rengar/Shyv top lane and no jungle. It was bananas.

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#24 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

Elise has been a top 3 jungler since her release. She just received another round of nerfs, so she may finally fall out of favor in tournament play.

Pre-Gold supports don't really exist. They should, but most players are out for themselves, while also still being bad at the game for one reason or another. Don't let it get to you.

If you find yourself carrying, buy damage. At lower levels, no one is going to coordinate, so you might as well become a murder god.

As always, glhf.

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#25 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@viking_funeral: I've come to the conclusion that at my level NOTHING exists. But i'll get into that in my post.

@hone_mcbone: 8.1..I'll disable the swipe, first thing I'll do.

@thesoutherndandy: No the best Taric is the one which isn't in my game. oh and do I have a story for you today...just going to say..Skarner adc.

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#26 Posted by tbk (293 posts) -

My engrish is the best. I haz proud

Avatar image for jazz
#27 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@tbk: Better than my Austrian. Also you're English is amazing, so hush.

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#28 Posted by Corevi (6796 posts) -
@jazz said:

@tbk: Better than my Austrian. Also you're English is amazing, so hush.


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#29 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@corruptedevil: ..that was the joke. Ah well...doesn't work every time.

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#30 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@jazz: Man...that sounds like some real tests of endurance. You make a pretty great point though about focusing on getting yourself better early on. There's only so much you can do to rally a team what don't wanna be rallied. It's actually pretty amazing how much of a head start you have if you listen to some advice and actively try to get better, so many people couldn't give a damn and it puts you so far ahead of them. When I started I didn't have anyone to play with but I did a bunch of research and read up a bunch of stuff an yeah, it makes that initial learning curve a little gentler. A little. I'm still definitely climbing that hill.

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#31 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

just wait until you get ready for ranked play in lol

you will see tons of elise jungle, shes stupidly good at it

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#32 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -
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#33 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

@jazz the rage and the despair, embrace the Dark side.

On the lucian E nerf: the thing is that some chaps came up with a interesting build setup aiming for max or close to max CDR. That ended up with E having a 3 sec cooldown when played properly, you just couldn't catch him.

Regarding patch notes: I am curious how the Lulu nerfs will affect her support pick rate.

The thresh lantern nerf is probably huge. In the end people will stick pick him, his kit is too good.

Sona don't know tbh... depends how she plays now. Big problem she used to have was her large hitbox (FUCK YOU BLITZU) and being fragile. Maybe that is fixed now?

Item stuff:

Chalice gets nerfed and nerfed, so yeah hi Morellonomicron and potentially tear of the goddess! Long time no see. I recently watched a video where one argued that Athene's is a sub par item too, given the amount of AP it gives.

The coin changes are eh? Which supports want to buy coin? Most mêlée supports want targon's embrace and Nami and co pick up frostfang anyway.

I am curious where they want to take AP and AD instant burst assassins.

But what do I know.

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#34 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@tbk: Never. I shall never become..like you.

I can see the rationale behind the Lucian nerf but I think they've taken it a bit too far. Procing the W effect helps but you cannot chase in the early game..at all, unless you have flash which is rather limiting. Playing him earlier, post patch, was just a bit sad. He still kicks all sorts of arse though, once he gets going.

Got my Alistair from League support - oddly enough they actually went on to tell me the following:

Hey Summoner,

Sorry for the trouble you had getting the skin. I’ve added Alistar and Unchained Alistar to your account. Now you have a tanky support on your champion pool. Btw, have you tried playing alistar as ap? His healing ability is so OP that way. Your adc's HP won't have to go below 1/2 if you do that. xD You might want to try that out. <3

Anyways, Enjoy the skin, and let me know if you need anything else!

What do you know? Everything!..we established this.

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#35 Posted by tbk (293 posts) -

@jazz: Supposedly mid Cow is the thing to do now ;) though you will have problem pulling of the Headbutt Pulverize combo given your fabulous FPS.

They always over nerf. ALWAYS. AAAALWAYS ask Olaf. he is a verb now.

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#36 Posted by tunaburn (2074 posts) -

elise is top tier jungler in league. always banned in competitive play.

Avatar image for thesoutherndandy
#37 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@jazz: The struggle is real. The changes they've made on Lucian really increased his difficulty, you've gotta be weaving those auto's in with your spells to max your cooldown on E. I don't play him but I've heard he's impossible to catch if he's being played well. Lissandra is a fun champ, her blade queen skin is bananas. I'm not great with her but she's cool. I like that you're picking up harder champs, that's rad. I've said it before but these blogs are great, they've become one of my favorite things to read on GB.

Also I swear to god Riot, if you continue to nerf my Ziggs I will burn your entire operation to the ground. TO THE GODDAMN GROUND.

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#38 Edited by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: Yeah..I think time will tell with Luican as with all things, I just think it was a tad excessive (+2 secs cd would have been about right). I'm straight up tempted to write an ode of love to Lissandra..now if I could merge Lux and Lissandra into Mega Luxandra she would be the perfect wom..I mean Champion...cough.

I have to say it's the replies and support I get from you guys that helps me enjoy writing the blogs and getting through the elo hell. Dankeschoen.

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#39 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: meh the ult change doesn't sound so hard hitting. I don't think people pick him for his ult. Another wave clear nerf though...

Sona changes seem pointless and maybe even a "nerf"? I probably have to try her out and see how it goes.

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#40 Edited by Freshbandito (705 posts) -

@jazz: The main reason behind nerfing the Lucian E outside of it making him untouchable with the appropriate cdr centric build was that the basis of his play and damage comes from utilising his passive which will double up his next auto attack after using a skill to out-trade then to use E to reposition in a bad trade or to chase along with the culling when an enemy begins to escape.

adc's will build to be doing some of the highest sustained damage possible by a role in a long fight (that and tower breaking are their purpose) and Lucian with his passive also adds tremendous burst when combo'd appropriately so when you realise he both explodes the opposing carry in assassin like fashion through good use of his passive and then tears down your armour stacking tank with sustained auto attacks all whilst having Kassadin like mobility on an ultra low cooldown slow cleansing dash you understand why he has to lose one or two parts of that trinity. Mobility is an incredibly powerful tool in league possibly second only to range and so it is constantly under scrutiny when a champion may have too much.

Lucian has been an overly dominant adc for a while now and because of how strong he was in lane stopping people from being able to pick certain other adc's without lane swapping they had to retool him which led to lucian bolt which in turn led to the nerfs you see now. I say roll on the stupid hypercarries Trist and Kog, my go to adc's for the longest time even when not in vogue!

Reading your experiences makes me whistful for back when I didn't realise there were optimal builds and just bought items because they seemed good and just making it up as I went along. Going through the motions of playing tristana and rushing ie > bork > shiv/pd > lw > bv/ga for the thousandth time is just a bit... ergh

Edit: posting before coffee makes for some nonsensical sentences on my part.

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#41 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

@freshbandito: still better than a guy who buys two triforces and AP ashe with 500 AP and a voidstaff. Cause you know Ult scales with AP and has 600 base damage.

Hey hey hey @jazz

No Caption Provided

suffer suffferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can't escape.

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#42 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5263 posts) -

That Gnar guy looks wonderful. Do want. I wonder if this is the jungling Yordle they were talking about... two-ish years ago?

No Caption Provided


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#43 Edited by Freshbandito (705 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: He's been 'confirmed' as a toplaner but so was Zac pre-release so we'll see.

@tbk: Phreak's 6*Tri-Force posse represent? Also, you laugh now but AP Ashe will really hurt in an aram! ...She won't win...or do anything useful, but that one time you eat an arrow reeeeeally hurts and makes you feel real stupid if you die to it.

Avatar image for tbk
#44 Posted by tbk (293 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: supposedly top laner. Have you listened to his voice set yet?

Avatar image for freshbandito
#45 Posted by Freshbandito (705 posts) -

@tbk: His regular Gnar form kit screams laning to me but I've never been the best at judging who'd be a good jungler, I spent a long and painful (for myself and my ranked 5 crew) period absolutely certain that I'd make jungle singed work.

Avatar image for tbk
#46 Edited by tbk (293 posts) -

@freshbandito: we lost to a jungle zyra yesturday :( so everything works.

Avatar image for gunslingerpanda
#47 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5263 posts) -

@tbk said:

@gunslingerpanda: supposedly top laner. Have you listened to his voice set yet?

Just listened to it. Sounds like an adorable psychopath. I love adorable psychopaths!

Watched the Skin Spotlight too. Unfortunately his E looks a bit short range for ganking so not sure about his jungling capability D: I'll make it work though, I swear it!

Loading Video...

MY GOD I NEED HIM. I wish they'd open up PBE a little more D:

Avatar image for freshbandito
#48 Posted by Freshbandito (705 posts) -

@tbk: Most suprising/shameful loss to a jungler on my group's end was probably either the jungle leona or morgana that wrecked us. A morgana barreling out of the jungle following a dark binding is the sort of thing that completely catches you off guard, a Leona ult from fog of war the same.

As stinging as those defeats are I always love seeing weird picks outside their usual roles doing well, keeps everything fresh and fun. We used to run maokai or warwick support when we got sick of meta picks and it was suprisingly effective, we're in a heavy Zyra & Heimer or Jarvan & Anivia bot lane groove right now the first can NOT be ganked without picking up a double/triple kill and the latter will just destroy any meta lane that tries to play the matchup as if it were meta.

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#49 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: Not enough Ice..needs more Ice.

@tbk: Will neither confirm nor deny that I was looking for the meme generator for that one earlier. Also jungle Zyra should be a thing..given..who she is..I mean..come on now.

@freshbandito: Thanks for the breakdown, it clarified a couple of things for me. As to item builds..yeah, tbk has drilled that one into my brain very well over the past couple of weeks but it is rather hilarious to see some of the newer people (I don't think calling them noobs is fair in this case) fumbling around.

Avatar image for tbk
#50 Posted by tbk (293 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: the taunts seem to be fun? DEMAGIA?

@freshbandito: Yeah still bums me out, cause of one pooped gank we gave the opponent mids two kills so it was over for poor me.

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