Learning by Comparison: LoL vs Dota2: Week 5

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#51 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

@yi_orange: I vowed to take Flash every game so that I could get used to it. I'll probably come back at some point and update my thoughts.

@thesoutherndandy: Aw man, thanks for actually watching all of that and the notes. I should mention I wasn't entirely with it and I probably play a lot worse than that usually..I had a lot of lucky Qs.

In response:

- I didn't know that at all..Thanks for letting me know. Shouldn't that be in the tooltip?

-Man mode Ashe is as she does.

- People play with it locked? How...I...what? How is that even possible?

- I'm usually the only one who does so it's great practice.

- As I said..lucky..though leading them when they tend to walk back in a straight line is generally the best..god my English is terrible today.

- Yep, I did lay off the warding but as you say it was a bit hectic at that point..also kinda fed up as I'm usually the only one who wards as well. Side note: Aren't Junglers supposed to do the majority of the warding given they have the mobility between lanes? second sidenote - always facecheck bushes when you're 11/43 down..when you find all 5 of the other side in said bush it's super fun times.

- Yes..yes it was.

- And if you'd watched any other match you would have seen me pick up boots as my second thing before Rabbaddabadingdong. Just the toss of the dice on that one..but yup, agree.

- Sometimes I like to wait..or walk..don't have to save them all the time from team fights. In other words, yup..

- Ham Yi isn't Kosher.

- You miss things like that in the middle of whatever I was doing at the time..knowing me probably singing.

- aha..My name. Well, yes and no. Ahzek is the first half and the second half comes from Gundam Side Stories - Blue Destiny. I like my Efreet Nacht, I do.

I will take a look at the video once I've fixed our next one.

'Preciate the replies guys..every little helps and you have given me much to consider. Now I probably need some sleep..ergh.

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#52 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4139 posts) -

@jazz: Yeah it's weird re teleport its in the in game tool tape but like, everywhere else they don't mention it, including the in client descriptions.

Also re Junglers warding, they definitely should. But the support usually takes care of the bulk of it, early game Dragon is the real essential spot and then once you reach mid you're roaming from bot. But yeah a Jungler should definitely be helping. Everyone should, vision wins games.

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