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    Multiple Ammo Types

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    The presence of different kinds of ammunition that pose advantages depending on situational needs. They vary on a per-game basis, but popular types include incendiary and armor-piercing.

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    Multiple ammo types provides a single weapon with different abilities and effects depending on which type of ammo is equipped. These effects range from extra damage of different types to status effects. This concept can be found in many shooters and RPGs. Swapping ammo can be made through a specific key, a menu/inventory system, or even using alt fire to swap ammo if the weapon is capable to do so.

    The variants of multiple ammo types

    Super Ammo

    Some games use ammunition variants to simply make a weapon more powerful rather than granting separate effects. This can be used to replace a damage amplifier or bonus system in some games. This type of ammo will generally be more rare, and the player must conserve it for use against more difficult enemies.

    Elemental Ammo

    You see this type of ammunition most often in role-playing games, where a certain enemy might be weak to fire, and therefore you should equip your bow with fire arrows to take advantage of this weakness. This type of ammunition does not necessarily grant a damage bonus, but will usually have an inherent damage type or effect that will aid you against certain enemies.

    Changing Functions

    In some cases, a different type of ammo will change the weapon's function rather than granting more damage or a status effect. In this case, a grenade launcher might have regular rounds and sticky bombs, or a rocket launcher might have homing missiles and normal rockets. Sometimes there will be a damage difference between these types, but this typically offsets a bonus granted by one type or the other.

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