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    The King of the Underworld and main antagonist of Devil May Cry and its reboot DmC Devil May Cry.

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    Mundus is a powerful devil who rules over Hell, and has twice attempted to invade the human world. According to the Devil May Cry game manual, Mundus was born 2000 years ago in the darkest pit of the Netherworld. Quickly gaining his full powers, he eventually took the throne of the Devil Kingdom and declared himself emperor. His next goal was to expand his rule to the upper realm as well. However, upon launching his invasion he was met with opposition. A powerful demon known as Sparda took pity on humans and in a series of legendary battles defeated the army of Mundus. With his defeat, Mundus was sealed within the demon world for 2000 years. During the events of Devil May Cry, it is learned that the 2000 year seal is about to be broken. Mundus lures Sparda's son Dante, the only one who can stop him, to Mallet island where the seal would break. Mundus' plans are once again thwarted by Sparda blood however, as Dante defeats the Devil's minions and re-seals the gates to hell.


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