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Muppy Oktavia Wonderchak VIII, known as just Muppy to the other characters, is a centuries-old ruthless intergalactic emperor of immense physical and magical power. He found himself on a distant unknown planet full of beings that are unable to comprehend his language and as such has attempted to make the best of a bad situation until his ship is fully repaired.

Though he rules his empire with a iron fist, Muppy begrudgingly respects honor and loyalty in those he considers of a lesser station than himself (which is pretty much everyone) and will occasionally reward them, such as assisting Vayne in combat and with his alchemy. Otherwise, he is counting the days until he is allowed to leave.

Of course, to everyone else in the game, he's either an adorable enigma or simply so small and weird that they would rather pretend it didn't exist.

Muppy's leitmotif is "Block Pulse of Love" and plays in scenes in which he has a major role. Most Muppy scenes tend to be internalized monologues in which he lets his megalomania run wild, to the (mostly) oblivious other cast members.


Birthday: Unavailable in Earth time

Age: See above

Blood Type: Something other than blood flows within

Height: Stretches and shrinks with humidity

Weight: With gravitational device, from 0-550 tons

Likes: Chivalry, loyalty and obligation, brotherly honor

Dislikes: The dull commoners


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