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    Murasaki Baby

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 16, 2014

    An atmospheric puzzle platformer for the PS Vita which uses touch controls. It is being developed by Italian studio, Ovosonico.

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    Murasaki Baby is a side scrolling puzzle platformer in which the player leads the character title "Baby" through a nightmarish landscape in search of Baby's mother. The player interacts directly with Baby by "holding" her hand via the touchscreen of the PlayStation Vita system. It's up to the player to protect Baby and her purple heart balloon which acts as Baby's health.

    Throughout the game Baby will encounter other characters some of which also have different colored balloons. Popping these balloons give the player access to new emotions which change the worlds background and gives the player access to a new ability while that emotion is active. Some of these emotions will scare Baby though and cause her to walk slower.

    The game was developed with the Vita hardware in mind and uses the touchscreen, read touch pad as well as gyroscope to solve puzzles and help the player lead Baby on her way.


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