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 Murder, She Wrote is a game based on the popular television show Murder, She Wrote (1984-1996) starring Angela Landsbury in which Landsbury played Jessica Fletcher, a retired English teacher turned mystery novelist/part-time crime solver.  Players are tasked with helping Jessica Fletcher discover clues to help solve the identity of the real murderers in a total of 5 cases in the game.


Murder, She Wrote is a point and click adventure game, though the bulk of the sleuthing is done via photohunt point and click gameplay.  The game will center on a room and the player must find and click on clues to help crack the case.  Clues can include blood stains which the police might have overlooked, though some items launch a mini-game tied to the investigation, like matching pairs of Cuban cigars.  If the player goes in to a clicking frenzy in an attempt to blindly luckout and find clues, the game has a system in place where the cursor will spin out of control for a few seconds. At anytime, the player can skip puzzles and not be reprimanded for doing so. 
The game also features many hidden collectible items, of note are peace signs and hamburgers.

Celebrity Likeness

The game features visual likenesses of Angela Landsbury and her crime solving friends Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger, played respectively by William Windom and Ron Masak in the television show.  The game features a serviceable Landsbury sound-alike for the bulk of the narration in the game.

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