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Ghost Problems: The Game 1

Murdered: Soul Suspect begins with the protagonist getting hurled out of a third-floor window and shot several times as he lies dying in the street. Perhaps an unusual way to start any game, but then the goal is for your ghostly form to track down your killer and resolve whatever unfinished business is preventing you from passing over and being reunited with your dead wife. Fortunately, being dead means not having to worry about red tape and due process, and the player is free to investigate the...

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Ghosted 0

Murdered is a game with an identity crisis. Presumably about stealth and solving crimes, it is essentially a strictly linear adventure game with a thin veneer of both of those other elements.The player takes control of Ronan, a hard-luck multiple felon covered in tattoos which serve as mementos of his crimes and misfortunes, who has somehow managed to land a job as a police detective with the help of his cop brother-in-law. Implausibility aside, this is a serviceable foundation for the game's gr...

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Ethan Carter and Blackwell Legacy did it better 0

Murdered: Soul Suspect is neither a ground-breaking nor is it a stand-out experience with other games like the Vanishing of Ethan Carter and the Blackwell Legacy working to the same premise while looking and playing better. I paid £10 ($15) for this, which is the absolute maximum anyone should really pay for this game. Had I paid full price at release then I would have felt robbed.The best things that can be said about Murdered: Soul Suspect, are that the characterization of the lead chara...

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A decent story, and that's about it. 0

This game is very comparable to the recent Telltale efforts, a decent story without much game play backing it up.I think the main reason this game went overlooked this year was the price, people are used to paying less for a short story based game now.I enjoyed my time with this game, the story was interesting enough to justify a playthrough.This is a little odd, but no music or sound at all during the end credits, I would have never guessed how weird that would be....

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Short but good 0

I this was a pretty decent mystery game and just the right length to not feel like it was dragging. There were technical issues, foremost the game not showing select prompts until it was in the perfect angle. One other thing that I disliked was a lack of character development or involvement. Ronan isnt really a douche, he's just kind of meh and his wife says swagger waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Other than that I think the main mystery was decent with a conclusion you won't guess. I also liked all the...

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Not bad, but not good 0

I liked the story, the voice acting and the writing, but felt that they were draped of a game that was extremely thin on gameplay, and in some areas, quite obviously rushed. This is an old style adventure game with lovely graphics and ill-conceived arcade action sequences - although this quip describes a great many of the games I love, this one just doesn't do it for me.The detective work has a mechanic where we 'deduce' which clue is most relevant to an investigation, but the connections range ...

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