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Murky Horizon is a hybrid dual-stick shooter and tower defense game that is currently download-able on the Xbox 360 under the Xbox Live Indie Games service. In it you can team up with up to 3 of your friends and defend your families' underground home from waves of flesh-eating lizards. You're outnumbered badly, but some well placed defenses and a steady aim may get you through the night. It features:

  • A unique fusion of action and strategy.
  • Dynamic lighting - Nightfall isn't just an aesthetic change, the dynamics of the game change too.
  • 40 rounds
  • 4 skill levels
  • 8 power-ups to temporarily boost your player.
  • 3 upgradeable turret types
  • 2 very different game-modes
  • 80ms points for the full version (about $1 U.S.)
There is a contest giving away free copies of the game, running until June 20, 2010 on the developers website at
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