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    They are more than a fish. They are more than a man. Death will rise from the tides, they are murloc.

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    The Murlocs are amphibious, fish-looking creatures that usually dwell along the numerous coastlines of Azeroth. They are also known to live near lakes, along rivers, and in sunken cities and coral reefs. Their villages are made up of straw huts and numerous Murlocs patrol the villages on constant look out for intruders. Murlocs are known to be extremely aggresive and are notorious for raiding ships and nearby communities for supplies. Though relatively new to the world of Azeroth it is believed that the Murlocs are an ancient race that have just recently risen up from their dwellings deep in the sea. Murlocs possess at least some intelligence, as they can be seen living in their previously mentioned huts, using tools, consuming potions when reaching low health and communicating to one another when one of them detects an enemy in their immediate vicinity. The sound a murloc makes when agitated has become iconic among World of Warcraft players (it can even be found printed on shirts), and murlocs themselves have become some of the most recognizable monsters in the game.Formation of the HordeWhile the Murlocs are generally considered a nuisance, they unwittingly were responsible for the formation of the Horde. The Murloc attacks on the Darkspear tribe of trolls caused an alliance with them and Thrall, which lasts to this day.Murlocs are also the subject of Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain's hit song, "I Am Murloc". The song is available as a free download in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.


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