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    Muscle March

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 18, 2010

    Muscle March (Muscle Koushinkyoku) is a Wii Ware release about a group of super-manly dudes (and a lady, and a bear) who chase down various protein-nabbing villains.

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    Play as a group of manly men, a bear, and a woman all trying to chase down various thieves who have stolen your protein powder.

    The game is in many ways similar to Katamari Damacy. Both were made by the Namco Bandai, and both feature incredibly insane concepts. Not to mention the use of photo cut-outs of animals, rainbows, and weird character designs.


    Single player

    As the player, your responsibility is to hold the Wii-mote and Nunchuck in a specific way to make your character pose in the same shape as a hole in a wall left by the thief. In addition to the form of the hole it will also have a coloured contour to aid the player to choose the correct position which is handy for when the game speeds up (see "controls for the different colours). The

    You cannot resist the abs.
    You cannot resist the abs.

    player is the fourth in line of the body builders who are pursuing the thief, eventually the three other body builders will slip over banana peels and go through the hole in a wrong pose destroying the hole and flying off. Once no other body builders are in front of the player the game as well as the music will speed up. Eventually the player will catch up with the thief and enters the "Dash Zones," in which the player will have to violently waggle the Wii-mote and Nunchuck in order to finally tackle the thief. Would the player not go fast enough in the dash zone the normal games continues and the gap has to be narrowed down once again.

    The player is allowed 5 mistakes during every stage before having to use a continue. Making five mistakes will however not make the player restart from the beginning of the stage but the last level played. The number of continues need to complete a stage is however counted in the final ranking.

    Every Stage is divided into three levels the first two having their unique thief to catch and the third one having a common "final" thief. Which of the 3 stages the player wants to play can be selected freely however the levels of the stages still have to be beaten in order. At the end of a stage the player will be presented with a scene of the player's character and the 3 thiefs of the stage dancing together after which God will rate the player's performance.

    Multiplayer / Endurance Mode

    There's also a multiplayer mode where each player takes turn breaking through as many walls as possible. The player runs after a golden coloured "final" thief over a rainbow road that curls around a giant beanstalk the goes higher and higher upon reaching the clouds then space and even heaven. Unlike single player mode, the player is only allowed 3 failures before his run ends.


    There are four manly poses that the player will have to mimic in order to make it through all the obstacles. The way the game recognizes which pose the player is doing is by checking if the Wii remote and the nunchuck are directed upwards or downwards using only their gyroscopes and not the accelerometers. The four poses are:

    • Left and right up (yellow contour)
    • Left and right down (green contour)
    • Left up right down (blue contour)
    • Right up left down (red contour

    In addition to the four very manly poses there is also a neutral running "pose" that is done by holding both the wii remote and the nunchuk parallel.

    When the gap between the player and the protein pull thief narrowed enough and the "dash zone" engage the player will simply have to shake the Wii remote and the nunchuck as fast as possible.


    • Awake
    • PaPaPa Love
    • Hole in the wall
    • We're like a Muscles
    • Underdog Returns


    Muscle March is out May 26th for WiiWare for 800 Wii Points in Japan, and January 18th for 500 Points on the North American service.


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