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    In Museum Madness, you play as a young kid trapped in a museum where all of the exhibits have come to life. In order to escape the museum, you must first complete every challenge that the different exhibits throw at you. These challenges include being accepted into America at Ellis island, making Papyrus in ancient Mesopotamia, winning a rifle target practice against the British in the Revolutionary War, and others. Once you complete all these tasks, you must then save the museum from an explosive charge. Complete this, you leave the museum, and win the game.


    The gameplay for Museum Madness is basic point-and-click adventure style, similar to King's Quest. You must use items to get through the different environments. While some exhibits feature solely this type of play, others involve short mini-games. One example of this would be in a dinosaur exhibit, where you have to play a matching game to recreate the dinosaurs. Gameplay in Museum Madness is very forgiving, as it is designed for children. You can restart any level at any given time if you feel you have messed up one of the puzzles, or if you think you need to replay the level again to hear what everyone has to say. Like all of Softkey's software, Museum Madness is meant to be educational.

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