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Musica is what the series refers to as a Silverclaimer. This means that Musica has the power to shape and form anything composed of silver into anything he wants it to be. This power is given to him by a silver skull necklace he wears throughout the series. Musica is able to defend himself excellently by hand to hand combat, but because of his abillity, prefers to reshape his enemies weapons into a spear which he will then use in combat. Musica is part of a gang of thieves who refer to themselves as the "Silver-Rythm-Gang", who mainly hang out at a place called "Punk-Street".

Relationships to other Characters

When Haru and her group first crosss paths with Musica, they have a misunderstanding, which led Haru into thinking that Musica was a local blacksmith that could fix Elies broken sword. It is only after the second time that their paths corss, that Musica finally decides to join Haru's party.

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