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Mutant League Hockey uses EA's NHL 93 gameplay engine. The game features a wide variety of weapons for use against the opposing team, such as a mace and a chainsaw. Each rink has its own specific traps that players can succomb to, like holes in the ice and pikes that can impale players.

Teams(Name Parodies)

Galaxy Aces
Maniac All Stars
Toxic All Pros
Black Hearts(Chicago Blackhawks)
Bruiser Bots(Boston Bruins)
Chilly Liars(Philladelphia Flyers)
Darkstar Dragons
Dead Things(Detroit Red Wings)
Deathskin Razors
The Derangers(New York Rangers)
Ice Slashers(New York Islanders)
Lizard Kings(Los Angeles Kings)
Mighty Weenies(Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
Mutant Monsters
Montroyale Cadavers(Montreal Canadiens)
Pucksucker Pukes(Pittsburgh Penguins)
Screaming Evils
The Shrimps(San Jose Sharks)
Slaycity Slayers
St. Mucus Ooze(St. Louis Blues)
Terminator Trollz
Turbo Techies
War Slammers

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