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    Mutoh is the head carpenter of the five carpenters. He was entrusted by the King of Hyrule to fix up the town when needed.

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    As Young Link in Ocarina of Time, Mutoh is the leader of the carpenters working to rebuild Kakariko Village on the orders of Impa. He has a daughter by the name of Anju (which Legend of Zelda players will recognise as the Cuckoo Lady) and a son named Grog.  
    When Link becomes an adult by unsheathing the Master Sword, Mutoh is no longer working on Kakariko Village but is now working on the bridge in Gerudo Valley. He has a different bunch of workers as his old lot left to join the Gerudo's and become thieves. However, they were all rejected and captured. Link rescues them and they agree to go back on work for Mutoh, after being shouted at by their former and now boss, they all work together and rebuild the bridge.


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