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    The veritable co-stars of the Jumping Flash series, the MuuMuu are aliens from the planet Little Muu who are unwillingly -- or at least unknowingly -- tied to the mad scientist, Baron Aloha.

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    MuuMuus are tripedal, two-limbed aliens from the backwater planet of Little Muu who look vaguely squid-like in design but with a vibrant palm tree on their heads and simple black dots for eyes. They first appear in the original Jumping Flash! in 1995 and serve as either slaves, henchmen, or unwitting sidekicks to the antagonist, Baron Aloha. Their relationship is never extensively detailed, appearing to be foreboding body guards in one scene but ultimately shunning Baron Aloha when his plans fail at the end of Jumping Flash! 2.

    Personality and Evolution 

    Throughout the original Jumping Flash! MuuMuu are most prominently seen in cinematics between levels where a sorely worked-over, and whiny, MuuMuu meets his compatriots at a Japanese bar. Though they are clearly eating yakitori and meat buns with sake cups, pitchers and beer bottles in hand, the U.S. version of the game refers to their drinks as Root Beer Fizzies. The MuuMuus sound fairly unintelligible with only two voice actors (Lorelei King, Alan Marriott) doing their English lines which mostly sound like slack-jawed gibberish. 
    In Jumping Flash! 2 the MuuMuus are seen more frequently than Robbit himself. From the box art and manual to the title screen, MuuMuus even replace the floating Jetpods that Robbit must collect to exit the stage. Four MuuMuus are scattered throughout every stage, each holding a sign with one letter that spells E-X-I-T. In-game they speak like a Pokemon -- only saying their species title, MuuMuu -- but during cinematic scenes they speak fluent and less slack-jawed english. The starring MuuMuu of the game chides and jabs with Baron Aloha about Robbit's progress, the Baron's spaceship which it is trying to repair, and the successfulness of Captain Kabuki, the intergalactic monstrosity that's not too far removed from The King of All Cosmos
    The MuuMuus appear again in Robbit's third adventure, Robbit mon Dieu, joining an expanded cast of alien characters. They also received their own spin-off game, Pocket MuuMuu, a collection of minigames and utility apps that was playable only on the PocketStation device.


    In the English language instruction manual for Jumping Flash! the voice actors are credited as playing Mumu. The cannonical spelling of MuuMuu wasn't established until the opening shot of Jumping Flash! 2. 
    The games were created and coded by Exact but most, if not all, of the characters were designed by a small Japanese design group coincidentally known as, MuuMuu CO., LTD.

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