MVP 06 NCAA Baseball

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 18, 2006

    College baseball gets its day in the sun with MVP 06.

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    After 2K acquired the exclusive rights to publish 3rd party MLB games, EA decided to keep its MVP namesake, but create a College Baseball version of their game. MVP 06 NCAA Baseball was the first College Baseball game ever created, and was well received among critics and fans of the series. This was also the last MVP Baseball game to be developed for the Xbox (however, MVP 06 was made backwards compatible with the Xbox 360).

    Gameplay Improvements

    MVP06 added new right analog hitting and fielding mechanics. At the plate, players would pull back on the right stick to go into the batting action, then push the stick forward to perform the swing motion. In the field, players would use the right analog stick to throw to the various bases.


    MVP06's soundtrack consisted soley of artists from Chicago based independent label Victory Records.

    Action Action - "Paper Cliche"
    Bayside - "Devotion and Desire"
    Hawthorne Heights - "This is Who We Are"
    The Forecast - "These Lights"
    Silverstein - "Smile in your Sleep"
    The Audition - "Approach the Bench"
    The Black Maria - "Organs"
    The Junior Varsity - "Get Comfortable"
    Waterdown - "Repeater" 

    NCAA Stadiums

    Rosenblatt Stadium
    Kindall Field
    Packard Stadium
    Baum Stadium
    Baylor Ballpark
    Goodwin Field
    Doug Kingsmore Stadium
    Dick Howser Stadium
    Russ Chandler Stadium
    Alex Box Stadium
    Mark Light Field
    Swayze Field
    Dudy Noble Field
    Hawks Field
    Frank Eck Stadium
    Reckling Park
    Sunken Diamond
    Dedeaux Field
    The Ballpark at St. Johns
    Lindsey Nelson Stadium
    Disch-Falk Field    

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