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My Forged Wedding is an otome-themed visual novel from Voltage Inc. for both iOS and Android. The player takes the role of a woman who has recently graduated from a university who is searching for her first job. She has been invited to the city by her uncle, Kunihiko Aikawa, who promises to help her find her dream job if she will only do a favor for one of his 5 closest friends. After making her choice, she discovers that this favor will involve some kind of false engagement or marriage. The protagonist is hesitant at first, of course, but adventure and romance quickly ensue.

Like many other iOS and Android otome games, the player must choose one particular story route at the end of the game's prologue, as each character must be purchased separately.


Yamato Kougami

Yamato is a science teacher at a prestigious all-girls' high school. He requires the help of the protagonist to convince the administrators of the school that he is married since they do not allow unmarried male teachers at the school.

Takao Maruyama

Takao is a defense attorney and is probably the easiest of the six male characters to get along with. Takao's grandmother has been hospitalized for some time and the family believes that she may not live for much longer. He asks the protagonist to pretend to be his fiancee in order to fulfill his grandmother's dying wish of seeing him happily married.

Takamasa Saeki

Saeki is a writer who works on scripts for television drama series. At the beginning of the game, he is working on a new series about a happily married couple. He asks the protagonist to live with him so that he can learn about what it's like being a newlywed.

Yuta Kajima

Yuta is a comedian and has been cast in a comedic television series where he will play a man with an overbearing wife. Due to some odd circumstances, the protagonist winds up playing the part of the scary wife in the television series.

Ren Shibasaki

Ren is a pharmaceutical graduate student and researcher who is currently in the middle of developing a new drug. He asks the protagonist to pretend to be his fiancee so that he can stay where he is currently working and finish the drug development.

Kunihiko Aikawa

Kunihiko is a distant relative of the protagonist (they are not related by marriage) who has known her since she was a child. He is both the owner of a sports bar and a successful technology company. If the player chooses his route, she will work at his bar for a time, until Kunihiko asks her to pretend to be his fiancee to avoid an awkward arranged marriage proposal.


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