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My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day is an educational, interactive storybook iOS game released on September 22nd 2011. The story involves Twilight Sparkle teaching the young fillies of Ponyville a history lesson about how Equestria was founded. The story can be experienced in three ways.

Read to Me

This involves Twilight Sparkle reading the story out loud with the current word being said highlighted in red, so the text can be easily followed.

Read the Book

This option does not include the narration, allowing the user to read the story at their own pace.

Read and Record

This mode allows the user to record themselves reading the story as they progress, which can be played back afterwards.

The story itself involves 39 pages in total, all illustrated in the same style as the recent reboot of the My Little Pony series, with some pages involving small animations recycled from the show. Periodically throughout the story there are simple mini-games for the user to partake in. There is a basic maze mini-game, utilizing the gyroscope to tilt Twilight through the maze, and a basic spot the difference mini-game. There are two of each in the story.

At the end of the story, Twilight writes a letter to the Princess. Here, the user is presented with a missing word puzzle, in which they can add in words to make the letter make sense, the user can find more words to use for the letter through-out the story by tapping on the pages looking for hidden animations.

Meet the Ponies

As well as the story, there is another section on the main menu that have introductions to the mane 6, Spike and Princess Celestia. This section is also narrated by Twilight Sparkle.


  • The game came out before the Hearth's Warming Eve episode and they share many of the same story beats.
  • Derpy Hooves makes a few background appearances, much like in the show.

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