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Myron is the drug wizard behind the Moridino Family's lucrative drug market. He is the inventor of the highly addictive drug, Jet. He is a recruitable NPC who can accompany The Chosen One on his quest to save Arroyo. His value in combat is dubious but he has a very high science skill and can manufacture chems (like stimpaks and super stimpaks) as well as drugs for the party. With a high enough Intelligence and Speech he can be convinced to give the player the cure for Jet addiction. He can be found in the Stables north of New Reno. He can be recruited by convincing him that he does not get enough respect from the Mordino Family and that he should join the player. 

History With the Mordinos

Originally the Mordino Family was selling peyote to people to turn a profit. Myron found this disgusting because peyote was too long lasting and did not have a high enough addiction rate to be lucrative. In exchange for whores, money, and his own laboratory he agreed to create a highly addictive drug for New Reno's Mordino Family. Due to climate changes caused by the Great War plants like coca and opium poppies that could be used for more addictive drugs could not be grown anywhere around New Reno in large quantities. Because of this Myron originally tried to use mushrooms grown in brahmin waste. Instead of the mushrooms being used however it was discovered that certain chemically altered foods fed to brahmin would result in brahmin feces that gave off hallucinogenic fumes. After being tested on 100 slaves (to often fatal results) it was decided that the newly named Jet was best used as an inhalant and was sold in containers that are similar to inhalers.  

Myron and Female Players

If players choose to play as a woman with high Charisma they will receive more sexual dialogue from Myron. If the female character has low Intelligence and Endurance but still has high Charisma then Myron will offer you a spiked drink.   


Myron can be killed by the player like any other NPC in Fallout 2, however Myron is technically still a child because he is under 18. Because of this killing him results in the Child Killer Perk. The only way to kill him and not get the perk (outside of allowing him to be killed by enemies in a fight) is to take him to the Sierra Army Depot. On the fourth level leaving him in a room with the automated organ extraction table. Activating the machine will result in his gruesome death and his brain is removed without the Child Killer Perk or bad Karma. 
If Myron is not killed by the player and he lasts to the end of the game he receives only one possible ending: "Myron died less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a Jet addict while drinking in the Den. His discovery of Jet was quickly forgotten, and now there is no one who remembers his name."

Voice Actor

Myron was voiced by Jason Marsden, who has also voice acted Horus in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and more recently Boone in Fallout: New Vegas.

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