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The final chapter in the classic Myst series sets the player into a whole new set of ages in pursuit of solving the mystery of a powerful tablet. Players are sent to four worlds to collect slates that will unlock the tablets potential, which will then be used by the Grower to fully restore the D'ni civilization. A new race known as the Bahro are a key element to the new puzzles encountered throughout the game. Players learn to draw on the slates which influence the Bahro and inevitably provide the solution to the traditional enigma's of the Myst universe.


The soundtrack album composed by Tim Larkin was released on September 20, 2005.

No.Track TitleLength (49:20)
2.Beginnings - Atrus2:10
3.Great Shaft3:33
6.Arena Reveal1:30
7.Tahgira Ice Fields3:11
8.Beginnings - Yeesha3:46
9.Noloben Lab4:34
10.End of Ages4:13
12.Time Machine3:53
13.Fighter Beach1:01
14.Beginnings - Esher2:32

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