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Disappointing But Still Myst

Unless the player has already played Myst on a PC or console first, there is no way this game could be nearly as enjoyable as a stand-alone. The touch screen (which isn't fully utilized because it only does as much as a directional button can) can't even make up for the low graphics. It's possible the stylus is an easier tool then PSP buttons; even so, it's hard to say if that is enough of a perk. Although I loved the nostalgia and still played all the way through, I have to say it was probably only because I remembered the way to get to where I wanted, and even the answers to most of the puzzles (or exactly how to find them).

The multi-screen display would be much more useful if the zoom tool did more than make everything ten times as pixelled, but is rendered simply into the only way to read anything on the bottom screen or view maps and photos. Sometimes it wouldn't refresh to show animations or change in environment, which caused me to avoid using it for anything other than reading books.

In the Selenitic Age, the tunnel maze was practically impossible because as far as I could tell, the memory couldn't stand up to holding all the information, and the game crashed several times. The only way I could get through it was drawing a detailed map for each stop, and saving, quitting, then loading for every 5 or so stops. There weren't many other glitches besides minor graphic ones that were fixed by turning away then back again. The main issue was the size itself and how inherently dark the world was (something every DS owner should know by now is not a good thing for this system).

The game is still interesting and the puzzles are still fun, but unless a gamer wants a touch screen version of the game specifically, there is no reason why they should get a DS version of this game.

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