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Mystic Warriors is a game from the "Golden Era" of Arcade games. Similar to games like Sunset Riders, Mystic Warriors is primarily a side scrolling shooter for you and up to two friends. Your primary attack involves throwing shurikens. By collecting power-ups, you can upgrade your shuriken attack strength three times, eventually earning you a spread shot and rapid auto-fire.

"My Rocket is the best! ...NOT!"

At the end of each stage you face off against a boss character, usually introduced by a nonsensical Broken English voice clip. There are five total playable characters to choose from, and after selecting who you want to play as, the game will choose at random which of the unpicked characters will be kidnapped by the game's villain. The rest of the game is spent trying to rescue the missing hero.


 They'll let anybody be a ninja these days
They'll let anybody be a ninja these days

The evil SKULL ENTERPRISE is conquering the world with its army of evil ninjas. The only hope for peace rests in five Mystic Warriors, but when one of their own is captured by SKULL ENTERPRISE, they have no choice but to burst in to action and rescue their comrade! The Ninja Apocalypse has begun...

Playable Characters

  • Yuri, a female Ninja
  • Keima, a kabuki warrior
  • Brad, an African-American Monk
  • Spyros, the leader
  • Kojiro, a wanderer

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