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    n-Space is a development company based in Florida

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    Meet the Family
    Meet the Family

    As the company's own biography states, n-Space, Inc. was originally founded in order to exploit the success and abilities of the Sony Playstation back in 1994. Originally founded by former employees of Martin Marietta’s Advanced Simulation Group, n-Space is and always has been an independently organised developer, meaning that they do not recieve investments from third-parties, but work exclusively with publishers to earn money for projects.

    The founders, being ex-employees of an advanced simulation group, decided that one of their goals would be to make state of the art games using world class 3D military simulators due to their familiarty with 3D graphics technology that would not be in the hands of the public. Prior to n-Space's foundation, the founders also had experience with hardware as working for Martin Marietta, they were involved in the production of SEGA’s Model-2 & Model-3 arcade hardware. n-Space's founders have also boasted of being trained by a legend in the industry, Yu Suzuki, in the art of game design during production of the game Desert Tank.

    Since their opening, n-Space has always remained in Orlando, Florida.


    At present there are 130 employees at n-Space. The average employment period is 3 years and there are 23 employees who have been with the company for more than 5 years. There are only nine employees with more than 10 years experience at n-Space. Approximately 20% of n-Space's staff are former Electronic Arts employees and around 10% are former employees of Disney Feature Animation, along with several veterans of more than 10 years experience under Disney.

    n-Space is currently a licensed developer for the following consoles:

    • Playstation 2
    • Playstation 3
    • Playstion Portable
    • Xbox 360
    • Nintendo Wii
    • Nintendo DS

    and have in the past been licensed develoeprs for the following consoles:

    • Sony Playstation
    • Xbox

    n-Space aims to be a cross-platform developer with common toolsets on all the platforms in order to make the gaming experience feel more unified as opposed to singular with each console. n-Space employees also have access to real-time tools which enable them to quickly place lights and objects into the surroundings which enable them to see the impact it will have on the hardware and the finished product, allowing game production to navigate quickly.


    n-Space was the second U.S. based developer to recieve a prototype of the Wii hardware which gave them a head start on the development of that console. Having developed Geist for the Nintendo Gamecube, they also have appropriate rendering technology for the platform which is more advanced than many other developers are blessed with.


    A specific database allows n-Space employees to work on DS games without the need for programming or involving programmers which descreases the risks of technical difficulties. There is also full support for Wi-Fi and single card multiplayer for the DS.

    Xbox 360 & PS3

    n-Space considers itself to be up to date with the advancements fo the 360 and the PS3 by keeping up with the necessity of High Definition as well as the 'next generation rendering pipeline' that allows for much more intricate detail in terms of shadows, lights and shaders. n-Space also utilises all three of the 360's cores and all 6 of the PS3's SPU's.


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