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Best Co-op in a while

N+ is a suprisingly fun game thats easy to love and easy to hate becuase of its ocasionally frustrating difficulty


N+ features nice, simple graphics and everything is very easy to recognize. You will rarely ever die from confusion of where you are in single player thanks to the way that you character's black body stands out against the grey and white background.


The gameplay of N+ is similiar to a 2D platformer, your goal is to reach a switch that opens a door, and then get to that door so you can exit. As simple as this sounds, it can get extremely complicated, due to obstacles that try to prevent you from living. There are drones that shoots homing rockets, laser beams, rail guns, land mines on the ground, and enemies that try to touch you to make you blow up, and when you die, the result is just plain hilarious. Your body will explode into several different parts. These parts will then blast away from where you died, and if they hit any other enemy or mine, they get blasted into the air again, and you get to watch more hilarious carnage. However if you manage to make it past one of these levels, you will procede to the next one until you've completed an episode, or five levels. At the time of writing, there are 50 singleplayer episodes in the game which is plenty to keep you busy for many many hours, but packs of around 200 levels are being promised as free DLC for the future.


N+ has some frickin awesome co-op. Recently i was at a rock band party with some friends, and we started looking through my hard drive. We found N+ and decided to give co-op a go. This was at 10pm, and 8 hours later, at 6am we had beaten all ten co-op episodes. To put it simply, the co-op of N+ is briliantly addictive.


The sound, like the graphics, wont wow you, but it gets the job done with some pretty catchy tunes


Its a great purchase for only $10. With 250 single player levels, 50 coop levels, and fun gameplay, you cant go wrong, but people that arent very good at 2D platformers should try the demo first to see if they can handle this games occasional frustrating difficulty.

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