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    Nagisa Furukawa

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A third year student and the lead female character of Clannad. Shy, timid, and has low self-esteem.

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    Nagisa is a third-year student at Tomoya's school. She is the only child of Akio and Sanae. Her goal is to reform the drama club and she enjoys watching dramas. Nagisa loves the Big Dango Family (Dango Daikazoku) because of their close familial relationship. She sees the good in everyone and is very trusting of Tomoya to the point of gullibility.

    Nagisa is actually a year older than Tomoya. She is repeating her third year because of her weak constitution. Nagisa had missed school for 9 months the year before she doesn't know anyone in school anymore. She is not good at socializing but she manages to pull through. Nagisa would repeat a favorite thing, such as anpan, to herself to gain confidence to face difficulties. She likes anpan because she couldn't obtain any other bread during the lunchtime rush.


    Nagisa's parents used to be very busy and they were late to return home. She would wait outside her home for their return and Sanae is usually the first to return. One day during Winter, both Akio and Sanae were late to return. Nagisa fell ill and passed out in the snow. Akio returned and found her buried in the snow. A doctor treated her but her condition didn't improve.

    Nagisa's condition became worse and the doctor couldn't reach their home in time. Akio carried Nagisa and ran to the nearest hospital and she became better in the middle of a field. Akio believed that the city healed her. Sanae and Akio deeply regretted their absence from Nagisa's life and decided to work closer to home to watch over her more closely.


    First meeting
    First meeting

    Nagisa was first seen on the first day of school on April 14th. She was standing at the base of the hill leading to the school trying to gain confidence to face her school life. Tomoya met her and befriended her. The next day, Nagisa was eating lunch alone and she explained that she wanted to join the drama club. Nagisa visited the drama club room and discovered that the club had already been disbanded. Nagisa and Tomoya introduced themselves and he volunteered to help her reform the drama club.

    The following day, Tomoya bought a cutlet sandwich for her and helped her clean the drama club room. She revealed that her father smokes and that she doesn't like it. Nagisa then invited Tomoya for dinner at her home. He enjoyed the atmosphere of Nagisa's family and he reflected on his own. Tomoya later returned home and became furious when he saw his dad. He ran to Nagisa's home and she offered to have him stay over.

    Misae's path

    Tomoya confided in Nagisa regarding his feelings for Misae. Nagisa confided in Misae regarding her feelings for Tomoya.

    Tomoyo's path

    Nagisa befriended Tomoyo and Tomoyo revealed that she wanted to become the student council president. During the School Founder's Day, Nagisa was being hit on by several guys. Nagisa was uncomfortable and Tomoyo kicked all the guys.

    Kotomi's path

    Nagisa was the first friend who was introduced to Kotomi. She enjoyed talking to Kotomi. They formed the drama club and Tomoya, Kotomi, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou spend their lunch breaks at the drama club room.

    Nagisa's path

    Nagisa decided to accompany Tomoya to school every day. During the lunch break, Tomoya and Nagisa went to the drama club room to make posters to attract new members. Nagisa mentioned that she loves the Big Dango Family and drew dangos all over the poster. Tomoya visited shops to buy dango plushies for Nagisa but they were no longer on sale. Tomoya decided to make them and his father saw him doing so. Tomoya became furious again and ran to Nagisa's home. Tomoya promised to answer her call when she is sad.

    Nagisa waiting for Tomoya in the rain
    Nagisa waiting for Tomoya in the rain

    Nagisa wondered how to address the potential new members and Tomoya brought her to practice her speech at the drama club room. After school, they run into Youhei and he revealed Tomoya's past about basketball, his father, and his injury. The next day was cloudy. Nagisa invited Tomoya to play basketball but he refused. On the way home, Tomoya noticed Nagisa waiting at the basketball court. Rain fell and he visited the basketball court again to find Nagisa still waiting for him. Tomoya demonstrated his lousy arm and left.

    Tomoya went to Youhei's room to dry off then went to the Furukawa bakery. Sanae revealed that Nagisa has yet to return and they went to look for Nagisa. Tomoya found a kid's puppy and returned it to the kid. He explained that Nagisa was looking for his puppy as well. Tomoya then found Nagisa and she found Botan. Tomoya escorted Nagisa to her home and took Botan to home. The next day, Tomoya visited Nagisa at noon and she came down with fever.

    The next day, Tomoya regretted not being nice to Nagisa. During lunch, Tomoya noticed Nagisa in the schoolyard waving at him and he approached her. She explained that her drama club posters had been taken down. The student council president called for her over the PA system and told her that she was too late to recruit members. Tomoya and Nagisa put the posters back up anyway.

    Nagisa suggested collecting petition signatures to revive the drama club. She later revealed that the posters were taken down again and she had accidentally posted the original one up. Youhei showed up and revealed that he had rescued a copy of the poster. Nagisa and Tomoya decided to confide in the Fujibayashi twins. They explained that a club requires a teacher as the club adviser and at least 3 members. They learned that the previous drama club adviser is Koumura and they approached him. He sent them to talk to Nishina. After school, they approached Nishina and she explained that she wanted to start a choir club with Koumura as their adviser.

    The next day, Nagisa discovered a threat letter in her shoe locker. They confided in Youhei and he suspected the choir club. After the first period, Youhei revealed that he investigated the case. He reported that Sugisaka of the choir club was seen by her classmate slipping a piece of paper into Nagisa's shoe locker. Nagisa was shocked and was in denial but she thanked Youhei for his effort.

    Tomoya comforting Nagisa
    Tomoya comforting Nagisa

    The following day, Sugisaka approached Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei during lunch break. She apologized for giving Nagisa the threat letter and explained Nishina's story. Youhei doesn't want Nagisa to give in to Sugisaka's emotional appeal but Nagisa decided to give up anyway. Youhei became infuriated and stormed off. Nagisa approached Koumura to finalize her decision. She thanked Tomoya for his time and effort and cried at her failure. Tomoya confessed his feelings for her and comforted her.

    Nagisa was happy to have Tomoya as her boyfriend but she was insecure about it. Later, Youhei challenged the basketball club to a 3 on 3 game and invited Tomoya to play. He wanted have Tomoya prove that he could overcome his weakness but Tomoya disagreed. Youhei then invited Nagisa to play instead to have her invite Tomoya. Tomoya accused Youhei of using Nagisa then Youhei swore to invite on his own power.

    Youhei revealed that the match will be held in 3 days on Wednesday. Nagisa explained that she is not good at sports and Youhei decided to look for a third player. Tomoya dragged Nagisa and ran away from Youhei. They met Mei outside of Youhei's dormitory and she introduced herself. Tomoya wanted to run away but Nagisa introduced themselves as a friend of Youhei. Mei and Nagisa introduced themselves to Misae. Tomoya, Nagisa, and Mei cleaned Youhei's room. Tomoya revealed that Youhei had quit the soccer club. Nagisa explained that they were going to have a basketball game in 3 days and she volunteered to house Mei.

    The next day, Mei revealed that she had stayed up the previous night talking to Nagisa about Tomoya. They tended to the bakery and made a great sale. The following day, Youhei dragged Tomoya and Nagisa to look for a third player. Mei revealed that Nagisa had been thinking a lot about Tomoya. Mei also taught Nagisa to be more expressive and Tomoya was surprised to witness Nagisa's new-found confidence. The next day, Kouko visited the Furukawa bakery and revealed that her sister Fuko was in a coma at the hospital. If 8 light orbs have been acquired by this point, Tomoya spent a light orb to wish for Fuko to get well.

    On Wednesday, Tomoya, Youhei, and Nagisa met their third player and noticed that the choir club wasn't there. Tomoya made the last shot and won the game. The basketball club adviser, Oogami entered and sent the crowd away. Nagisa tried to run but she fell and hurt herself. Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei celebrated their win at Youhei's room. Nagisa confessed her feelings for Tomoya.

    Possible third player:

    NagisaA poor player, loses the game.
    FukoA poor player, loses the game.
    YukineSurprisingly good player. She got tackled and one of friends came to her defense, disqualifying them.
    MisaeA great player.
    TomoyoA great player.
    RyouA poor player, loses the game.
    KyouA basketball club member insulted her and she agreed to play. A great player. Attracted attention from junior girls.
    YusukeKouko sent him to help. A great player.
    AkioSanae sent him to help. A great player but was short of breath due to his smoking.

    The next day, Tomoya and Nagisa went to the drama club room. They found the choir club there and Nishina suggested that they share Koumura as their club adviser. She also invited Nagisa to perform during the School Founder's Day.

    Tomoya's homeroom teacher requested to talk to his father regarding career counseling. Tomoya wanted to run away but Nagisa pushed him to follow his teacher. Tomoya led his teacher to his home and discovered that his father wasn't home. The teacher wanted to wait but Tomoya ran away. Nagisa dragged Tomoya to his home and they discovered Tomoya's father talking to his teacher. Nagisa was shocked to discover Tomoya's poor relationship with his father and invited him to live with her.

    The next day, Nagisa sent Tomoya to explain to his father that he will be staying away from home for a while. He packed his things and moved in with Nagisa. Tomoya asked about the theme of Nagisa's drama. She explained that it was a story that she had heard when she was a child about a girl living alone in the world, which mimicked the dreams that Tomoya had been having.

    The following day, Tomoya asked Akio if he knew about the story. He admitted that he doesn't but requested that if Tomoya finds out, he wants to hear about it before Tomoya tells Nagisa. Sanae doesn't know either and Nagisa couldn't remember how she got to know the story. They requested Akio to look through their storage room but he couldn't find any clue. Nagisa started writing the script.

    Tomoya's and Nagisa's first kiss
    Tomoya's and Nagisa's first kiss

    The next day, Sanae and Akio invited Tomoya for a picnic and Tomoya and Nagisa shared their first kiss. That night, Akio explained that the storage room housed his and Sanae's memories of their lives before Nagisa and that he doesn't want Nagisa to discover them. The following day, Tomoya voiced his uncertainty regarding his relationship with Nagisa and she promised to be there for him forever. That night, Akio invited Tomoya to search again to no avail.

    On Tuesday, Tomoya and Nagisa prepared for her drama performance. Koumura advised them, Youhei was put in charge of lighting, Nishina and Sugisaka volunteered to select the background music, Sanae made the costume, and Akio gave Nagisa a stack of video tapes of drama performances.

    Nagisa suggested singing a song as the conclusion of the drama. Tomoya, Nagisa, Nishina, and Sugisaka voted for Tomoyo as the student council president. Tomoya watched Nagisa's drama practice and he felt that the story was incomplete. Nishina recommended Ma Mere L'Oye by Ravel as the background music. Tomoyo congratulated Nagisa on forming the drama club. They congratulated Tomoyo on her election as the student council president.

    2 days later, Nagisa was studying her script and she rehearsed her performance on the stage. That night, Nagisa confided in Tomoya explaining that her parents refused to reveal their past to her. Tomoya advised her to put the matter out of her mind. That Sunday, Tomoya discovered that Nagisa had looked through the storage room and dug out her parents' old photo albums. Nagisa became depressed knowing that her parents had to sacrifice their dreams for her to achieve her own.

    Nagisa's solo drama performance
    Nagisa's solo drama performance

    Later on stage, Nagisa was crushed by guilt and she couldn't perform. Akio then appeared and yelled across the hall explaining that his and Sanae's dreams as her parents is to see her dream being fulfilled. Tomoya also encouraged Nagisa and she performed successfully. Nagisa ended her drama performance by singing the Big Dango Family song.

    The next day, Tomoya and Nagisa went on a date in town. Nagisa came down with fever and Tomoya brought her to her home. Sanae explained that Nagisa has a weak constitution. Nagisa fever doesn't subside during the following months and she was absent from school. On December 25th, Tomoya, Akio, and Sanae celebrated Nagisa's birthday. Tomoya bought a dango plushie for Nagisa. The school explained that Nagisa had to repeat her third year again. Tomoya graduated in March and he voiced his regret that he couldn't spend time in school with Nagisa. She insisted that Tomoya should move on with his life.

    After Story

    Nagisa's fever broke after the end of the Spring break. School started on April 5th. The students noticed that Nagisa was repeating. Tomoya suggested that Nagisa befriend Tomoyo since she was attending her third year. Nagisa wanted to continue the drama club but Koumura had recently retired. Minoshima, the new teacher, was the Physical Education teacher. The other teachers convinced him to become the drama club adviser. Nagisa couldn't find new members and the drama club was disbanded. Nagisa no longer had any motivation to attend classes.

    In May 5th, Tomoya and Nagisa moved into their new apartment. 4 days later, Tomoya and Nagisa visited the Furukawa bakery and Ako and Sanae acted thoroughly depressed and relieved to see Nagisa again. On May 12, Tomoya had the day off and he picked Nagisa up from school. They went shopping for dinner. 4 days later, Nagisa did well in her exams and she invited Tomoya to attend the School Founder's Day a week from then. During the School Founder's Day, Tomoya decided to fix a fault that he caused. He arrived at the school after the festival ended.

    Nagisa wanted to meet Tomoya's father, Naoyuki. She introduced herself to Naoyuki and explained their current life. Nagisa helped Tomoya deal with his anger towards his father and Tomoya wondered what he would become if he hadn't met Nagisa. In July, Tomoya was promoted and he picked up Nagisa from school to deliver the good news. Tomoya and Nagisa went to the community swimming pool. They met and talked with several customers of the Furukawa bakery and Nagisa noted that Tomoya had become nicer.

    Naoyuki was arrested and jailed for business problems. Tomoya's promotion was put on hold and he was infuriated at his father. Nagisa helped Tomoya deal with his anger. Tomoya proposed marriage to Nagisa and she accepted. Tomoya requested Akio's and Sanae's blessings for their marriage. Akio challenged Tomoya to hit one of his pitches to win his agreement and Tomoya managed to hit one pitch. Tomoya and Nagisa planned to get married after she graduates.

    Nagisa celebrated her birthday with her family and Tomoya. Nagisa bought a pear wristwatch for Tomoya and Tomoya bought another dango plushie for Nagisa. Nagisa came down with fever again. Sanae phoned her homeroom teacher and he explained that Nagisa still qualified to graduate even if she missed the remaining days of school.

    Nagisa giving her speech at her mock graduation ceremony
    Nagisa giving her speech at her mock graduation ceremony

    Nagisa's fever subsided in Spring. Tomoya phoned Youhei to celebrate Nagisa's graduation. Koumura headed Nagisa's mock graduation ceremony and all her friends attended the ceremony. Nagisa gave her speech stating that she wasn't able to find any friends and that that one year of school was incredibly difficult for her. Tomoya and Nagisa then visited Naoyuki to report Nagisa's graduation and they submitted their marriage registration. They celebrated their marriage at the Furukawa bakery and they had dinner with Akio and Sanae.

    Nagisa wanted to find a job to help support their family. She phoned Nishina and she invited Nagisa to work as waitresses at the new family restaurant. Nagisa's work hours were from 8 to 4. She reported that she enjoyed her job and that her waitress outfit was very cute. Tomoya had a free afternoon and he and Akio visited the restaurant. Akio took photos of Nagisa. A man tried to hit on Nagisa and Akio fought against him. The manager, Hishikata recognized that Tomoya was Nagisa's husband and apologized for the man's behavior and promised to look out for her. Nagisa also reverted to her low self-esteem.

    In Spring, Nagisa reported that their high school's old building will be demolished to make way for a new one. Tomoya was angry because the drama club room was there and all their memories will disappear with the building. Tomoya and Nagisa made love for the first time. In Summer, Sanae confirmed that Nagisa was pregnant.


    Nagisa underwent an examination and confirmed that the baby was healthy. She had trouble eating so Tomoya made her tiny rice balls and stayed up the night feeding her in small portions. Nagisa announced that she wanted to have a home delivery. Sanae requested the help of Yagi, a midwife and an old classmate to help Nagisa. Nagisa was advised to start a maternity record book.

    Tomoya and Nagisa discussed to choose a name for their baby. Nagisa's name means "beach", and she decided on Ushio, which means "tide" which is related to her name. Sanae suggested singing to Ushio and Nagisa sang the Big Dango Family song.

    In the middle of Summer, Ushio was due and Nagisa came down with fever again. Tomoya requested Sanae to look after Nagisa while he is at work. Sanae explained that Nagisa may have to undergo an abortion if Nagisa's fever doesn't subside because she may not survive the childbirth. Akio supported Nagisa to give birth to Ushio as it would bring her and Tomoya familial happiness.

    Tomoya holding Nagisa's hand as she gives birth
    Tomoya holding Nagisa's hand as she gives birth

    On Nagisa's brithday, she requested another dango plushie. On January 3rd, Youhei, Nishina, and Sugisaka visited Tomoya and Nagisa. Tomoya was still uncertain about Nagisa's pregnancy. By the end of January, Nagisa's fever became worse. Tomoya lamented the fact that Nagisa had to suffer so much for a simple wish.

    Nagisa started experiencing labor pains and Yagi was called to aid in her childbirth. Nagisa passed away giving birth to Ushio. Tomoya saw a vision of Nagisa thanking him for his time with her and she told him to be strong and move on.

    True Ending

    Tomoya, Nagisa, and the new-born Ushio
    Tomoya, Nagisa, and the new-born Ushio

    After obtaining all 13 light orbs, Tomoya saw a vision of Nagisa. He called out to her and he climbed up the hill with her. Tomoya made a wish for Nagisa for her to be well. She successfully gave birth to Ushio and they celebrated Nagisa's safe childbirth. Nagisa pointed out the window and saw a lot of light orbs in the sky, as though the city was celebrating as well.

    In the credit roll, it was implied that Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio visited Tomoya's grandmother, Shino.


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