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Najena is actually a supremely powerful dark elf magician who has taken over an ancient temple carved into the largest peak of the Lavastorm Mountains. No one seems to know what the temple was originally for, but she has converted the temple into a dungeon full of traps, locked doors, and an army of elementals that do her bidding. It is rumored that Najena is the niece of Queen Cristanos Thex of Neriak. Brave adventurers will certainly be shocked by the creatures found around every corner of her dominion. Tentacle terrors siphon the life from would be looters, while an undead froglok known as Bonecracker will catch most dungeon crawlers by surprise with his powerful necromancy. Najena herself is in fact a resident here, but finding her is quite a test. She continues to conduct gruesome experiments with her summoning power and vast knowledge of the dark arts.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Akksstaff
  • BoneCracker
  • Drelzna
  • Ekeros
  • The Guard Captain
  • Linara Parlone
  • Moosh
  • Najena
  • Officer Grush
  • Rathyl
  • Trazdon
  • Visiting Priestess
  • The Widowmistress

Notable Items

  • Ashenwood Short Spear
  • Band of Flesh
  • Black Tome with Silver Runes
  • Bloodstained Leggings
  • Bronze Armor
  • Bronze Weapons
  • Clawed Knuckles
  • Damask Armor
  • Dark Circlet
  • Dull Wooden Spear
  • Flowing Black Robe
  • Hollowed Bone Bracers
  • Leering Mask
  • Ogre War Maul
  • Raw-hide Armor
  • Ringmail Armor
  • Stiletto of the Bloodclaw
  • Tentacle Whip

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