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    Nakatomi Plaza

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    The building where John McClane made his debut in all his terrorist defeating glory.

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    Home of a major Japanese corporation, Nakatomi Plaza, based in Los Angeles, is perhaps more famous as the setting for the motion picture Die Hard and many of the video games it inspired.
    When New York city cop John McClane was visiting his wife, Holly Genero for a christmas party he had no idea that during the very same evening, a group of German terrorists would be launching a hostile takeover of the building. The following night went on to be one of the longest of McClane's life as he made his way throughout the building eliminating terrorists and saving innocent lives by any means necassary, often destroying parts of the building itself. At one memorable moment, in order to save the lifes of a SWAT team being slaughtered by the terrorists, McClane went so far as to detonate some stolen explosives and destroy the bottom half of the building.


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