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    Namco x Capcom

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 26, 2005

    A strategic role-playing game that features characters from various Namco and Capcom games, such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and Mega Man Legends.

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    Namco x Capcom is a strategy RPG featuring dozens of characters from games created by Namco and Capcom. The game was developed by Monolith Soft and publish by Namco for the PlayStation 2 on May 26, 2005.

    A spiritual successor, Project X Zone, was released in 2011 and also features the main characters Reiji and Xiaomu.


    Namco × Capcom (pronounced "Namco Cross Capcom") plays like a typical turn-based strategy game allowing you to move units and issuing attacks when it's your turn. However when you issue the attack instead of choosing the move to use and watching the battle take place, you issue the attack by inputting commands. The commands are inputted by following the button patterns at the lower part of the screen. If you know what these moves do, then you are able to pull of combos. Generally, longer combos will net you bonuses such as the ability to use more moves or stronger attacks in battle. When the super gauge is full, you are able to pull of super attacks. Getting this bar up requires attacking or defending against the enemy, much like in 2D fighting games. Certain characters can pull of special tag team attacks depending on who that character was partnered with, and special attacks once the special gauge is filled up. For example, Ryu and Ken will use a double attack because they from the same series. Also Dino Crisis, Resident Evil, and Darkstalkers characters will use a special attack together due to being in Capcom franchises. These attacks, however, can only be done once in a great while, so players should be using them appropriately.

    When defending against enemy, attack, you must input commands onscreen to avoid further damage from the enemy, much like Paper Mario does in its battle systems.

    Featured Series

    A list showing the characters which feature in the game from the different franchises made by Namco and Capcom. Three characters have been created for the sake of this game. They would be Xiaomu, Reiji and Saya.

    Dino Crisis

    1. Regina (Dino Crisis)
    2. Velociraptors (NPC)

    Wonder Momo

    1. Momo


    1. Jin Kazama (Tekken 4 ver.)
    2. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
    3. King (Tekken 4 ver.)
    4. Armour King (Tekken)
    5. Devil Kazuya (NPC)
    6. Mokujin (NPC)
    7. Jack (NPC)
    8. P-Jack (NPC)

    Ghosts 'n Goblin

    1. Arthur
    2. Astaroth (NPC)
    3. Red Aremer (NPC)


    1. Bravoman

    Resident Evil

    1. Bruce (Resident Evil Dead Aim)

    Street Fighter

    1. Ryu (Street Fighter)
    2. Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
    3. Chun Li (Street Fighter II)
    4. Karin and Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    5. Cammy (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    6. Rose (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    7. Juni and Juli (NPC)
    8. M. Bison (NPC)
    9. Akuma (NPC)

    Captain Commando

    1. Captain Commando
    2. Ginzu the Ninja
    3. Baby Head
    4. Mack the Knife

    Soul Edge/Soul Calibur

    1. Mitsurugi Heishiro
    2. Taki
    3. Charade (NPC)


    1. Morrigan Aensland
    2. Dimitri
    3. Lei-Lei
    4. Lilith
    5. Felicia
    6. Lord Raptor (NPC)
    7. Q-Bee (NPC)

    The Tower of Druaga

    1. Gil
    2. Druaga (NPC)


    1. Strider Hiryu
    2. Strider Hien


    1. Klonoa and Gantz

    Final Fight

    1. Mike Haggar
    2. Guy

    Burning Force

    1. Hiromi Tengenji


    1. Stan
    2. Rutee

    Mega Man Legends

    1. Mega Man Volnut
    2. Roll
    3. Tron Bonne
    4. Mega Man Juno (NPC)


    1. M.O.M.O. and Shion
    2. KOS-MOS

    Dig Dug

    1. Taizo Hori

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