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    Nanako Dojima

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    A supporting character in Persona 4, Nanako is Ryotaro Dojima's daughter and Yu Narukami's cousin. She represents the Justice Arcana.

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    Nanako Dojima is the six-year-old daughter of Ryotaro Dojima and cousin of Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami. Her mother died in a hit-and-run accident when she was in nursery school. Because her father is often out of the house, she has learned some level of independence and can take care of herself when at home. Like many children her age, she frequently watches TV. She is also highly fascinated by Junes, a chain of large department stores with a branch in her small hometown of Inaba. She often sings along to the Junes advertising jingle when she hears it on television.

    Social Link

    Nanako's Social Link is that of the Justice Arcana. Over the course of her link, she becomes closer to not only Yu, but her father. Throughout the Social Link, Yu tries to help Nanako understand her mother's death. She asks him questions such as "Why do people die?" and other questions regarding her mother. Nanako has issues with her father, and has difficulty believing that he loves her, and that she's his real daughter. At the end of the S. Link, the family is united, as Nanako realizes she loves her father, and her "Big bro." Nanako is one of the few Social Links that requires the player to raise the rank of a specific personality trait, in this case, Expression, in order to complete it.

    After completing Nanako's Social Link, Yu is granted the ability to summon Sraosha of the Justice Arcana. Nanako also presents Yu with a family photo, a key item representing the fact that the Social Link has been completed, and that allows the player to summon Sraosha in a New Game Plus playthrough prior to completing her Social Link again.

    The Midnight Channel


    In early November of 2011, Nanako is kidnapped by the supposed serial killer that had been terrorizing Inaba and thrown into the TV World. There, her heart of hearts crafts a world based on how deeply she misses her mother: Heaven. Her life in danger, Souji and his friends rush to save her from her kidnapper, but the dense fog of the TV World is too much for her and she is hospitalized. If the player chooses to let the party murder Taro Namatame, the one who put her in the TV, then Nanako will not recover from her time in the fog, and it is implied in the ending that she isn't expected to live for very long. If the player instead chooses to have mercy on the killer, then her vital signs give out and she nearly dies, but she is called back by the sound of Teddie's voice. She is then able to fight her sickness until the fog in Inaba is eliminated with the defeat of Ameno-sagiri, the true cause of the fog in Inaba.

    Voice Actress

    Nanako's voice is provided by Karen Strassman in the English version, and Akemi Kanda in the Japanese version.


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