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    The Nanosuit can absorb damage, make you stronger and faster, or even make you invisible.

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    The Nanosuit is a technologically-advanced suit of power armour worn by the American soldiers in the Crysis series, manufactured by the private corporation known as Crynet. This armour uses bleeding-edge nanotechnology to grant several enhanced abilities to the wearer. There are two models of the suit, one used in the original Crysis and the standalone expansion pack Crysis: Warhead, and a more advanced version seen in Crysis 2 and its own standalone expansion, Crysis 3. The original was only ever referred to as "the Nanosuit", while the second is known as "Nanosuit 2.0".

    The Nanosuit contains several "mundane" computer components such as a PDA, an in-suit radio system, GPS tracking, in-visor night vision, and an active tracking map that shows the location of targets that have been 'marked' through the binocular mode of the visor. However, the real reason the suit is as effective as it is is the Nanite-fuelled abilities that give the soldiers wearing the suits a significant advantage over their enemies.

    Enhanced Abilities of the original Nanosuit:

    The original Nanosuit.
    The original Nanosuit.
    • Speed - Nanites increase the speed at which mental commands are relayed to the body, giving the soldier superhumanly fast reflexes and movement. Selecting this mode allows the player to move at increased speeds and allows for quicker reloading and melee attacks. Sprinting allows the player to run at a speed to rival a car, but this drains energy quickly and can only be sustained for a few seconds.
    • Strength - Nanites supercharge the soldier's muscles, allowing them to exert superhuman force through their limbs. Selecting this mode allows the player to jump much higher, throw objects further, reduces recoil on their weapons (due to their stronger arms being able to hold the weapon stiller), and makes their punches strong enough to kill enemy soldiers in a single blow and knock down solid walls.
    • Armour - Nanites reinforce the surface of the Nanosuit itself, rendering it, and the soldier within, impervious to damage as long as the suit has energy to supply to them. Selecting this mode causes damage to be subtracted from the suit's energy meter, with the player's health only taking damage once the energy meter is completely depleted. This is the default setting of the Nanosuit; draining the energy while in another mode will cause the suit to revert to Armour mode before recharging.
    • Cloak - Nanites project an image on the surface of the Nanosuit of whatever is on the opposite side of that body part, essentially making the soldier near-totally invisible. This places a constant drain on the suit's power supply, and due to the increased strain of constantly having to update the projection, moving around drains power faster than standing still; while a Nano-soldier is sitting in one spot, the cloak can last around five minutes, more than enough time to wait out a passing patrol, whereas sprinting while cloaked will drain your energy in seconds. In addition, because it's a videogame, punching, throwing a grenade, or firing any weapon while cloaked will instantly drain all power to zero, revealing the player.

    The Nanosuit has a fifth ability that can only be activated remotely by the soldier's commanding officer, and only once the soldier's vitals have flatlined: the Nanites superheat themselves, to the point where the Nanosuit and the soldier's corpse are vaporized. This is done to prevent the advanced Nanosuit technology from falling into enemy hands.

    Enhanced Abilities of Nanosuit 2.0:

    Nanosuit 2.0
    Nanosuit 2.0

    The abilities of the new Nanosuit are divided into two categories, Primary and Secondary. Primary abilities are activated like the abilities in the original game, with a manual toggle. Secondary abilities are available at any time, regardless of which Primary power is active.

    Primary Abilities:

    • Armour Mode - Functioning nigh-identically to the Armour Mode from the original suit, Nanites reinforce the surface of the suit in order to protect the wearer from physical harm, though it can only keep up an impenetrable defence while the suit has energy in its reserves. In this mode, damage is dealt to the player's energy instead of their health. The Nanosuit 2.0's Armour Mode is, inexplicably, less advanced than that of the original suit. While the original model's Armour Mode was constantly on, and recharged energy to full when not taking damage, 2.0's Armour Mode must be toggled on manually, and constantly drains energy to sustain the armoured effect. This is, presumably, to distance the game from the Halo franchise, whose regenerating energy shields were clearly the inspiration for the original Armour Mode.
    • Infiltration Mode - An enhanced version of the original suit's Cloak, Infiltration Mode has the new trick of using Nanites to reinforce the surface of the suit on a molecular level, minimizing vibrations, and thus sound, caused by movement. As a result, the soldier is not only rendered almost completely invisible, they are also able to move almost perfectly silently. The same caveats as before apply; being cloaked constantly drains the suit's energy reserves, moving drains energy faster than staying still, and firing a weapon, throwing a grenade, or performing a melee attack will instantly drain your energy to zero.

    Secondary Abilities:

    • Tactical View - An enhanced program built upon the previous suit's in-visor binocular system, tactical view highlights all objects of interest in the world, such as both friendly and hostile soldiers, available weaponry, vehicles, and ammunition.
    • Powered Movement - Replacing both the Speed and Strength active modes from the original Nanosuit, Nanosuit 2.0 enables the user to perform Power Moves, which temporarily enhance the soldier's physical ability with Nanite interaction, at any time, even while the Primary Modes are active. Power Moves include superhumanly fast sprinting, enhanced jumping height, and the new power slide, which reduces friction between the suit and the ground, allowing the user to present a low profile to attackers as they slide into cover with ease.

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