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Naoki Konishi is the younger brother of murder victim Saki Konishi, and the heir to the liquour store.

Social Link

When you first meet Naoki, Souji Seta is replacing him on the student health committee. After some persuasion you finally create a social link with him. At the start, he is sad at the death of his sister, but annoyed with the pity that people consistently pile on him. He claims he hates Yosuke and Junes for running his family business out. After a while, it is revealed that Naoki is actually in deep mourning for his sister, but struggles to find a way to cope with it. In a parallel to Yosuke, he too loved her very much, but was too stricken with grief to overcome it. After talking to Souji, he manages to overcome this, and starts to carry on his life as she would have wanted it, with the knowledge that he'll see her again someday

At the end of the social link, Souji is awarded with the Junes receipt, allowing the creation of Attis, of the Hanged Man Arcana. 
The Hanged Man Arcana
The Hanged Man Arcana

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