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Career Overview

Naoki Maeda (Maeda Naoki, 前田 尚紀) is a Japanese game producer and a recording artist. During his tenure at Konami, Maeda played a critical role in the BEMANI franchise, was the producer and the sound director of Dance Dance Revolution series.

As of September 4th, 2013, Maeda announced on his twitter that he has exited Konami and joined Capcom to produce CROSSxBEATS, a rhythm game for iOS.


Maeda produced music for Konami long before the BEMANI franchise; notably for Salamander 2 (1996) and Twin Bee Yahho! (1995). For the BEMANI franchise, he has produced PARANOiA series, BRILLIANT 2U, and B4U; not to mention countless other songs released under various aliases.

Maeda was the main producer of DDR series; it is needless to say that the dance game series was his home. As of 2013 DDR series contains about 160 songs written by Maeda. Many songs were produced under aliases; examples are: NAOKI, NM, RevenG, DE-SIRE.

After his departure from Konami in 2013, Konami was forced to remove his songs from beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA.

Famous Quotes

  • "Very very exercise"
  • "Aaaaoooooooohh... :("

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