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    Character in the Mega Man Battle Network franchise. he first appears as a guardian in MMBN2, then as a member of the ProtoMan Liberation Team under the control of Fyrefox.

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    Napalm man is a Fire Based navi specialising in high power.

    Mega Man Battle Network 2

    Napalm Man first Appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2 as a guardian in the WWW area. at the time, he was an autonavi, meaning he did not have an operator.

    Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan

    He returned in Team ProtoMan version of Battle Network 5, operated by a fireworks maker named Fyrefox. he is on the Queen Bohemia Liner and hijacks the boat to steal a prototype item that would alow him to generate bigger fireworks. he is confronted and defeated by ProtoMan, who is under Lan's control.

    Battle Chip

    In Battle Network 5, NapalmMan N fires a Napalm canister 4 squares ahead, doing damage on all squares directly surrounding the one that received impact

    Battle Chips (MMBN 5)

    NapalmMn N - 120 - Fire
    NapalmMDS N - ??? - Fire (Dark MegaMan only)
    NapalmMSP N - ??? - Fire (Light Mega Man only)

    Napalm Soul

    MegaMan in Napalm Soul form.
    MegaMan in Napalm Soul form.

    • MegaMan gains the Napalm Soul and becomes a Fire Navi.
    • His buster is changed to the Fire Vulcan, which fires 3 fire vulcan shots with a base power of 5, increasing by 5 damage each level.
    • He can also charge any fire chip by holding A to release a homing napalm bomb that does 2x the original damage of the chip.
    • MegaMan gains LavaShoes, and can use/charge up a fire chip on a lava panel to add 50 damage to it.
    • However, as a fire navi, MegaMan takes 2x damage to water chips and attacks.

    Chaos Napalm Soul

    This form is available only in Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan version by sacrificing a DarkMeteor Chip.
    MegaMan in Chaos Napalm Soul form.
    MegaMan in Chaos Napalm Soul form.

    • The form lasts for one turn only, and the the charge shot is repaced with Dark Mateor, where 15 meteors are hurled at the enemy. All other features are the same as Napalm Soul.

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