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    A town with an extensive mine system. It is the first town the player visits in Final Fantasy VI.

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    Narshe is a town in Final Fantasy VI. It is fist seen at the start of the game, when soldiers of the Empire and a mind-controlled Terra invade to investigate reports of a frozen esper found within Narshe's mines. After the esper kills the soldiers and frees Terra from the Empire's control, Locke arrives and helps her escape when more imperial soldiers come looking for her.

    The town is later the setting of a large-scale battle between the player's characters, divided into three parties, and imperial forces led by Kefka. Together, they successfully push the imperial forces back and keep the esper out of their hands.

    After the world is destroyed, Narshe becomes a ghost town overrun by monsters. One of the houses contains a basement in which a man will present the party with the Cursed Shield. The weapon shop owner can also be found in the back room of his shop, where he will present the party with the magicite Ragnarok, which the party can either take as is or have forged into a sword.


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