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    Naruto: Ninja Council

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 01, 2003

    Control either Naruto or Sasuke in this side scrolling action platformer

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    This was the first of the popular Naruto Ninja Council games, which have continued onto the DS.  You can choose to play through the story with either Sasuke or Naruto, although there is no difference between the two's action stages.


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    Each level is set up like a platformer. You move your character from left to right, fighting enemies and collecting weapons. You must also complete simple jumping puzzles and do some backtracking to collect collectables, such as Konoha leaf village symbols, and find Sakura, who is hidden in every level.
    Both characters have access to slightly different arsenals of special moves, which can be executed by holding the attack button, as well as weapon items that can be collected during a level and used a la Castlevania. At the end of each stage the player must defeat a boss character from the Naruto anime series.

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