Beat Down and Ranged: First to Sub likely loses

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Ok I'm not an expert to the series but I have played the past two games ALOT!

I've just got out of a session with one player (nana########) and I've noticed something that they do and what most players do. Many Beat down, it's even first with supports on the field. When the match first starts, players immediately dash attack you or support dash attack you. Now from all my bouts I've tried three things:

1. Call in my own supports


3.Take the damage

Normally when I call supports, they just get effed up by the barrage the opponent has already in play. Subbing doesn't help unless its at the end of a combo. I've subbed MANY times and when I do the opponent is still in beat down mode so it's useless UNLESS I know when their combo will end but it doesnt matter because they will either support or is its 1v1 they will likely sub.

Now the first person who sub loses, it seems. Once your out of them in 1v1 they just combo the fuck out you. Once you get up, they still rush you and break your guard and combo again. Then when you do regain some subs, they will be fewer than the enemy which basically loops the process over again.

And taking damage is taking damage. Better make sure you're on your defensive but who WANTS to take damage?

I've found a few counters that work OK. The puppet users seem to do ok against those players but once your puppets are across the field and the opponent subs in between the two of you, your in danger. Especially if you're doing a combo. I don't know how to "dash cancel" so maybe that would help?

And rock lee, Guy with Dynamic entry. I caught people a lot with it when they try and dash attack me.

Thoughts folks?

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