Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 04, 2008

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is an exclusive Playstation 3 game based on the acclaimed anime series.

    C'mon Vinnie...

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    #1  Edited By Tearhead

    I hope Vinnie's planning on writing a review for this; he was the only one who seemed interested in the demo and the others don't seem to really care about the game and if they're not interested they probably won't review it.  So c'mon Vinnie, review that bitch; the five of us who really care about this game would be very grateful.

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    #2  Edited By zitosilva

    I'm interested in this one too. I don't even like Naruto much, but I really really liked the demo. And from other reviews I read, it seems to be quite good.

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    #3  Edited By darkspirit138

    I've got this game, and I think it is really good. The core fighting is ace-theres nothing really like it. The graphics are phenomenal. The only problems are the lack of modes (only a versus mode and what is effectively a story mode). Hopefully, theyll work to fix it.
    I don't regret buying this game at all-course I'm a huge naruto fan (although I think Naruto himself is as annoying as shit).

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