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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 04, 2008

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is an exclusive Playstation 3 game based on the acclaimed anime series.

    darkspirit138's Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PlayStation 3) review

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    Probably the best Naruto game this side of the world

    Naruto always has had a lot of potential which many game developers try to squeeze out of the franchise. CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai have definitely come the closest with NUNS. The game is beautiful, with a great in-depth fighting mode, and the Ultimate Mission mode is just about the right length to actually play through it again and get the 100% that everyone desires. In fact, in almost eveything it has done, it is pretty much perfection. However, it misses out on key things that could make this game an excellent game and a must-buy for any anime-lover.
     The actual one on one fighting is great. For some people, it may be slightly difficult to first grasp; however, once you do, it isnt that hard to remember. The roster of characters are great, and, although when you first play it it will seem that every character is pretty much the same, the more you play, the more different the characters will seem.
     The graphics for this game are simply outstanding. It is definitely the closest thing anybody will ever get to making it the most Naruto-looking, and the game only looks better in motion.
     The main problems with this game? Overall, the lack of modes. Look at, for example, Tekken. Tekken has a great assortment of modes; an arcade, a versus, a team battle, normally some kind of story mode, a practice mode, normally some kind of bonus mode, most recently, online modes...the variety is never ending. Naruto has a one-on-one (against CPU or a friend), and the main story mode. That is it. And considering there are only around 5 stages in NUNS, the action you have will quickly be against the same people in the same places. As well as this, the Ultimate Mission mode only has a small amount of different modes as well, and some of them become repetitive and boring (most notably the hide-and-seek against Konohamaru).
     There is almost enough within this game to make it fantastic. The difficulty modes are great too-I have never been bettered in that game against another friend, yet the Insane Computer mode still sometimes gets me. And it makes me feel good, getting the Sun shot at me or whatever, because it makes me feel that I can try again and kick his ass.
     Overall, this game is almost perfect, and with a few adjustments whilst keeping their core factors the same, NUNS could be the best anime game of all time.
     I hope that NUNS2 does not dissapoint.

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