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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 23, 2003

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is the first Naruto fighting game on the PS2.

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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is the first in a series of Ultimate Ninja games. The game has 12 playable characters. You start off at the ninja academy where you do missions to level up and become stronger to take on tougher missions. The game also features tons of unlockable content and you can change stages in mid-battle.


    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is a 3D fighting game, but there are 2 planes on each map to fight on, one in the foreground and one in the background. One can use normal hand-to-hand combat, in some cases using the characters weapon, or throw ranged weapons. You can also use "secret techniques" that vary from character to character. By pressing the triangle button and then the circle button, the character will do a special attack. If the opposing character gets hit by this attack, a short scene will play where both players will have to press the right buttons to get the most damage out of the attack for the attacker, and try to limit the damage by the defender. Some of the characters have special statuses like Sasuke's Sharingan, Lee's "Eight Inner Gates" and Neji's Byakugan. The Sharingan changes the user's fighting to that of the opponent for a limited time. The "secret techniques" and some jutsu does not get changed, however. The Eight Inner Gates increases the user's attack power, but the user will take constant damage and he can not use any jutsu or secret techniques. The Byakugan lets the user recover chakra faster and when the opponent is attacked, the opponent will lose chakra.


    Cursed Marked SasukeObtain Chunnin rank in Mission mode
    GaaraFinish Gaara's saga in Scenario mode
    HakuFinish Haku's saga
    Hinata HyugaFinish Hinata's saga
    Neji HyugaFinish Neji's saga
    OrochimaruFinish Orochimaru's saga
    Zabuza MomochiFinish Zabuza's saga
    Nine Tailed NarutoComplete all B-Rank missions

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