What are the good or enjoyable Naruto games to play?

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Naruto is a very interesting series. Its a series full of ninjas that use a variety of different techniques. From a ninja using an energy spehre and can transform into a fox to a guy who is a snake theme Ninja. These characters have appeared in a lot of Naruto video games and I think a number of them are worth playing. Has anyone played any Naruto games that they thought were really fun or good, or even decent?

If anyone can list there experiences with the series good or bad, would be really appreciated. I played Naruto Ninja Council 2 and it was alright but I think there are better Naruto games out there.

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From what I've played of Asura's Wrath, whatever Naruto game those guys made is probably worth paying. I think the developer's CyberConnect 2. Hopefully someone could expand on what I just wrote!

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If you have a PS3, be sure to try Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Even the demo. If you are reading manga / watching anime make sure that the spoilers do not spoil you the pleasure of getting to know the story Naruto. :) Just look at this:

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