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NASCAR 08 is a decent game plagued by many glitches.

NASCAR 08 is decent. If EA had taken more time into making it, it could be a lot better though. The trailers for the game left me with great impressions for what was to come, but when I actually played the game I was hugely disappointed. Although the graphics are outstanding, the AI is fartoo easy and rarely gives you room to pass them by, and there's many other noticeable glitches in every aspect of the game that'll leave you pounding your controller on the floor. 

NASCAR 08's gameplay is decent for the post part. Car physics are much improved over the series previous installements on the PS2 and Xbox, but it could still use a bit of touching up and realism. Pit stops are nice. The pit crews move around nicely and realisticly, but it would be nice to see the AI's pit crew, and not just yours. Another nice feature is the manual drive out of pit row during practice, although it would've been nice if that too was in the actualy races, making the game more user mistake prone, realistic, and exciting depending on the situation. Another great added feature in NASCAR 08 is the 40+ tuning options, which include camber, grille tape, angle of front and rear splitter/spoiler (COT), etc.

A HUGE diappointement with this game is the many, many glitches!!! Some of these glitches include AI ramming eachother under cautions, cars going through eachother, random black flags, no car damage for your opponents online, randomly getting put laps down, disconnect for all players online after many cautions, qualifying and practice leaderboards, incorrecxt resetting of the field after a caution; shall I go on!

The graphics of NASCAR 08 are great! The car of tommorow and normal Nextel Cup cars look very realistic, nearly lifelike. The tracks got a major graphical boost this year on next gen consoles, making them look and feel more realistic than ever! The only graphical flaw in this game if the way the car looks uner certain damage situations. The car occasionally with be bent to the left in the front and rear ends, which never happens in real life, and the way the front splitter of your car looks after head on impacts in the car of tomorrow.

With any game by EA, you know it'll be loaded up with adverts, and NASCAR 08 is no exception. Advertisements can be seen throughout every track in the game, and in the game's menus. Most of the adverts are for EA products like The Simpsons Game and Madden 08, or sponsors of EA such as DLP. The overadvertising in NASCAR 08 does get a bit annoying, but like all of us that buy EA's products year after year, we get used to it for the most part.

You know I have to talk about the ahievements!!! In NASCAR 08 there is 24 achievements worth a total of 1,000 gamerpoints. The achievements are all very easy, with the exception of a few that will take some time. Some achievements include save a replay and upload a setup to EA Locker, which are easy enough to obtain.

Overall, NASCAR 08 is a decent product by EA for it's first year producing a next gen NASCAR game, but it could've easily been much improved. If you're looking into buying it I suggest you wait for a price drop, because at it's current price of $60 it's not worth the waste of money.

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