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    NASCAR 2011: The Game

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 29, 2011

    The first game in the popular racing franchise after the EA/NASCAR fallout. Developed by Eutechnyx.

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    Nascar 2011: The Game will have all 23 nascar tracks in the game as well as having most of the pro drivers; behaving like they would in real life. Players can now enjoy their victories with the Interactive Celebration Mode, taking the realism that much further than any of the previous NASCAR titles.


    NASCAR 2011 features all 23 race tracks from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (including the addition of the Kentucky Speedway, which has been scheduled for a race in 2011).


    Play as any one of 43 real professional NASCAR drivers. Win NASCAR Experience Points (known commonly in game as "NXP") to level up and unlock items (such as custom paint jobs for your vehicle). Do you have what it takes to tackle the pros? Avoid getting nudged by your rivals and being left behind in a pile up.  


    Up to 16 players at a time are able to battle it out online in various race modes. 

    Delays/Wii Version and Patch #2

    Due to technical reasons, the Wii version of NASCAR 2011: The Game has been delayed to May 24th 2011. The Xbox-360/PS3 version faced similar delays. It was announced earlier this year that it would see a six week delay, being released in late March instead of February. The developers cited technical reasons (gameplay tweaks, additional features, etc).   
    The oft-delayed patch #2 was released in late July.  It was meant to address a number of bugs such as loss of save and the spotter saying "clear" too often and also make general improvements such as having the gas indicator default to full when coming in for a pit stop.  Though some issues were resolved many fans still experience instability issues like freezing and losing their saved games; with many noting that they hadn't experienced these issues until after the patch had come out.

    2011 DLC

     2010 Car
     2010 Car
     2011 Car with new paint scheme and redesigned nose 
    2011 Car with new paint scheme and redesigned nose 
    DLC was released for the game July 27th 2011 for the Xbox 360.  The DLC pack includes the 2011 race schedule, points system, paint schemes, and the new car models.  Now, for example, players can race Jeff Gordon's Drive to End Hunger car or play as Kurt Busch in his 22 Shell Pennzoil car.  The DLC also includes a repaved Daytona and a night race at Charlotte with the new 200 foot hdtv at the track.  Players will still have the option to race the 2010 season.  The DLC is free for PS3 users and 160 MS points for Xbox 360 users.

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