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Nasr is one of the main continents in the Skies of Arcadia franchise. Because of its location under the Red Moon, it has become a desert wasteland with scorching heat with all of its creatures using fire-based attacks. It most resembles India and other Middle Eastern countries; sharing similar architecture and cultures.

Notable Areas


A small port village on the west side of the continent. Vyse and his freinds find themselves here after they are deserted by Drachma. Here, they meet an exotic dancer who turns out to be Valuan Admiral Belleza.


The wealthy capital of Nasr, and a major hub of international trade. After the group is separated, they all find themselves here though unaware of their locations. Later, the city is bombed by Ramirez and spends the rest of the game in ruin.

Temple of Pyrynn

A temple (and "Discovery") located out in the vast desert. It houses the Red Moon Crystal, as well the the Red Gigas, Recumen. Vyse and his party are tricked into going inside the temple, acting as one of the game's dungeons, to find the Red Moon Crystal for Belleza.


Main article: Esperanza
A decaying fort town at the continent's southern tip. Home to a small population of ex-Valuan soldiers and sailors who attempted to cross the Dark Rift. 

Crescent Isle

A small, deserted island far off the coast of Nasr. Vyse finds himself shipwrecked here after Ramirez attacked the party over Valua. Later, it becomes the home base for Vyse's crew.

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