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Nate Harlow is Red Harlow's father and the uncle of Shadow Wolf.  
After discovering a very large gold deposit in Bear Mountain with his partner Griff, Nate and Griff celebrate by having a pair of pistols made, called the Scorpion revolvers, and then go their separate ways. 

 Nate's Scorpion Revolver
 Nate's Scorpion Revolver
Nate returns home shortly thereafter to his wife Falling Star and his son Red. Nate gives his old pistol to Red as a gift. Nate and Falling Star return to their home while Red tests out his fathers old pistol. Not long after, a group of bandits, lead by Colonel Daren attack their home. Nate and Red try to fight off the bandits. They fight bravely but in are unable to fight them off. Nate and Falling Star are killed during the firefight by Colonel Daren himself. During the shootout Nate's Scorpion pistol falls into a fire. Red picks up the pistol without noticing the handle is red hot, and shoots Colonel Daren, hitting him in the right arm causing Colonel Daren to lose that arm. The Scorpion emblem on the handle is branded into the palm of Red's right hand.

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