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    Natsu Ayuhara

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    Natsu, from Rival Schools, is a volleyball player for Gorin High School. She is friends with Shoma and Roberto.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    During the wave of attacks and kidnappings that were sweeping across the local high schools, a few juniors in Natsu's volleyball club are injured. She teams up with Shoma and Roberto to uncover the attacker's identity.

    Project Justice

    Natsu is suspicious of the new student, Momo Karuizawa, who requests Shoma's help after apparently being attacked by students from other schools. Natsu and Shoma have a falling out and she takes Roberto and Nagare to investigate the new string of disturbances appearing around the schools. Later, when Shoma is betrayed by Momo, she is the first to welcome him back to their team. The ending shows Shoma and Natsu about to share a tender moment before being disturbed by Momo, who now has developed a crush on Shoma.


    "Powerful Attacker"

    With junior students
    With junior students

    Natsu is an intelligent and outspoken person who takes on a big sister-like role to her schoolmates. She dislikes dishonest people and bullies. Because of her more masculine personality, a lot of the boys in her school are afraid of her, but the girls hold her in such high regard that she receives love letters from them almost every day. Despite picking on him almost constantly, she secretly has romantic feelings towards Shoma.


    With Hinata
    With Hinata
    • She is Batsu's fighting buddy.
    • Natsu is childhood friends with Hinata.
    • Her volleyball coach, Kohtaro, appears as an instructor in School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 and is the most powerful instructor in the mode.
    • Natsu lives with her parents and her brother, Shun, who is in his first year of college. Her father is a former national superintendent.
    • She performs well in home economics, physical education and both Japanese and English language; but poorly at art.
    • She is voiced by Narumi Tsunoda.
    • She appears in UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Sakura comic.
    • Natsu makes a cameo in Felicia's ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution.

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